2012 Fermilab Lee Teng Internship

I worked as a Lee Teng intern at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory from June - August 2012. I worked under Dr. Jayakar C. Thangaraj in Accelerator Physics Center on improving the boundary conditions of microwave reflection technique to measure electron cloud density in the Fermilab Main Injector. The project involves use of a network analyser, dipole antennas and subsequent data analysis. Here is the link to an overview about my summer internship on Fermilab website.

As part of the requirement of the internship, I also attended "Fundamentals of Accelerator Physics and Technology" class at the 2012 summer session of United States Particle Accelerator School held at Grand Rapids, MI. I learnt about accelerating structures, RF cavities, synchrotron radiation, phase stability and emittance among others. The lab portion of the class includes study of beam position monitors and RF cavities, measuring the fields of dipole and quadrupole magnets with corresponding POISSON Superfish simulation, and Matlab simulation of emittance, transverse and longitudinal dynamics.

2011 Amherst Summer Science Research Fellowship

In the summer of my freshman year, I worked at Professor David Hall's lab on testing an optical system for Bragg scattering of atoms for real time imaging of optically trapped Bose-Einstein condensate. The project involves aligning optics and acousto-optic modulators, working with laser mounts, spectrum analysers and other associated electronics.

I continued to work at Professor Hall's lab in Fall 2011 semester, transferring this system onto the main apparatus in the lab.