Bio, Book Jacket


Ronald Lourie-bio and notes

Born NYC, only child

Father-Lawyer, born Talinn, Estonia

Mother-housewife, born Munich, Germany

Grandfather (mother's father)- Brewery Executive

Education-Collegiate School ( all boys private school)

University of Munich – studied German Literature

Amherst College – thesis: “John Donne, Robert Lowell and the Right to Change”

University of the Streets (postgraduate work) - thesis: “Hustlers: How to Spot (sic) 'em and How to Play 'em.”

He has worked at a bank, a brokerage house, as a network translator, a babysitter (of adults), owned a restaurant, owned a nightclub, worked as a consultant to many non-profit organizations and to a start-up hedge fund, been a business owner, a patent holder, and some other activities which he describes as a little of “dis” and a little of “dat”, about which he says informatively, “the dat was very rewarding, much more so than the dis.”

After a lifetime of procrastination, this is his first full-length work of fiction, although he says, “I like to think that I have been injecting fiction into every conversation up until now.”

His favorite actor, and the one whom he would like most to be portrayed by, is Lee van Cleef, who is unfortunately dead, and thus not certain to cooperate.