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Steve Langford, December 2004.

Picture of the author dressed up to perform in December 2004 with Tucson Symphony Orchestra Chorus at Holiday POPS Concert, Tucson Symphony Hall, Tucson, Arizona, USA.


My Related Musical Background.

Even before I went to Amherst, I was singing Amherst College songs along with Dad (Malcolm S. Langford, AC1927). So, the songs that we students sang together while in college came rather naturally to me, as I had at least already heard most of them at least once. I guess that many other Amherst students have had similar experiences.

While at Amherst, I noticed in passing that we did not always sing the songs exactly as they appeared in the ©1926 Amherst College Songs book that I inherited from Dad. That did not bother me much at the time, when I simply accepted that things change and that -- however we were singing the songs -- it all seemed, at least, to be "working".

Since about 1985 I have been working to improve my own musical skills. I have done some "Barbershop" singing; received lots of help from Lou Perry (deceased) with all aspects of music; improved my note-reading skills by playing first rebec and later bass viola da gamba in various, informal settings; invested lots of time, money, and energy into learning (with the aid of several computer programs) to produce good scores; and now sing in the Tucson Symphony Orchestra Chorus.

All suggestions for improvements to any aspect of this ongoing effort will be gratefully received and carefully considered.

Thank you!

Stephen A. "Steve" Langford, AC1963

Tel. 520 297 0448


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