Inception of this "Amherst-Music Project"

While at a rehearsal before a December 2004 holiday performance, I discovered quite by accident that I was sitting next to an Amherst man! We excitedly explored our histories, and I asked him what Amherst songs he knew. As he did not know "Paige's Horse", one of my favorites, I decided to scan a copy of it to share with him. Little did I know the trouble ["into which I would be getting myself"] I was getting into!

I tried to get a good scan of the music, but the resulting image was not something that I could share proudly. So, I dared to punch the music up in digitizing software and shared copy with him that I even printed on 100% rag-bond, 32-lb. paper. He did seem to be pleased to have the song. We discovered that both of us had spent our freshman year on the same floor in Stearns.

Then I started to feel guilty about maybe having violated copyright law, the spirit of Amherst College, deceased Dad's expectations for me, and so on!

Already chatting by email with Tom Ehrgood of the Amherst Alumni Office, I somewhat desperately confessed my sin and asked whether I might be granted permission to digitize and maybe even newly arrange some of the songs in that ©1926 book. Permission was granted not only to do that but also to work on whatever songs are in the undated "amherst college songs" pamphlet printed by Hamilton I Newell, Inc. "Printers to the Amherst Campus"! [Thanks again, Tom.]

All suggestions for improvements to any aspect of this ongoing effort will be gratefully received and carefully considered.

Thank you!

Stephen A. "Steve" Langford, AC1963

Tel. 520 297 0448

This page last revised on 27 February 2005.