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Software I have used or might want to use.

I first used NoteWorthy Composer shareware, which is available (together with freeware Player) via NoteWorthy Software Home Page. I still use Composer for some purposes.

More recently, I have been using Sibelius 2, product of Sibelius Software Home Page. I have just ordered the upgrade to Sibelius 3.

In order to get voice synthesis, I use Harmony Assistant ("HA") and Virtual Singer ("VS"), both products of Myriad Software, at whose Myriad Software Home Page you can find a shareware version of HA's "little brother", Melody Assistant ("MA"), whether your platform be a Mac or a PC-compatible.

Output is occasionally improved by exporting MIDI files that are then imported by one of the other music digitizers. Also occasionally, I create a graphical output that is possibly converted to some other graphical format before being imported by Golden Software's "Grapher for Windows": Golden Software Home Page; my outdated v.2.0 works well enough for most such purposes.

This suite of software seems to work well enough for now. But some day it might be nice to explore the world of truly professional music engraving, which one can do with a product called "SCORE", which costs something like $600 and is available from its creator, Leland A. Smith, via San Andreas Press Home Page.

Your suggestions for links to yet other related sites, for listing at this page, are welcome.

All suggestions for improvements to any aspect of this ongoing effort will be gratefully received and carefully considered.

Thank you!

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