Test Notes

Fall 2017

As I begin my term as class secretary, I want to pay tribute to  Larry Beck   not only for his excellent job as our secretary these past 5 years but also for his superb job as our program chair at our 55th Reunion. The three panel discussions were outstanding and well-attended, and his leadership was everywhere in evidence. Thanks to you Larry and to your fabulous steering committee. Congratulations to our other new class officers:  George Carmany--President,  Larry Beck--Vice-president,  Porter Wheeler—Treasurer,  Blair and  Fred Sadler—Program Chairs,  Craig Morgan—Web Master, and  David Roll—Choregus.

 David Schultz reports the sad news that his wife of 50 years, Harriet Sonja Schultz, died of breast cancer on July 15. He writes that he has been taking comfort from family members and friends. Please join me in expressing your condolences to Dave.

 Steve Hersh claims that his news is not news, but, of course, it is. "Having a grandchild who is starting college and my turning 77 force me to break through my denial about being a "senior citizen."

 Morty Berman says he is still working full time after being "self- employed" since 1971. The new "news" is that he has now become an employee since his pediatric practice was recently purchased by Northwell. Quite proudly, he admits to having "eight wonderful grandchildren, seven boys … [we] spend much of our summer at the beach on Long Island--no plans for retiring yet."

It was good to hear from  John Hazlett. His exciting news is the arrival on July 24th of a 3rd grandson, James Grant Sherwood, who joins 6 granddaughters. James weighed in at 9lbs 5 Oz.

Our newly anointed class President,  George Carmany, reports that he and our newly minted class treasurer,  Porter Wheeler, had a board meeting without notice or quorum but with their wives, Judy and Mary, spending a delightful day in late July boating and beaching. George writes "Like the walrus we talked of many things, but not including how we might blow the sizable wad that the class has banked." Please also note a late breaking news release from Marquis Who's Who that George has been named a Lifetime Achiever for his leadership in the finance industry.

 Craig Morgan, our class Web Master, with some editing by former class-secretary,  Rich Landfield, reports that "A week after our [55th] reunion, when  Fred Sadler and Edi Matsumoto came through DC,  Sing-huen [Craig's wife] and I had them over to dinner with  Rich and Lonie  Landfield,  Dave and Nancy  Roll, Fred and Anne  Woodworth, and  Fred Gregory.  We had many reminiscences and laughs about our first year at Amherst.  Also, in response to all our questions,  Fred Gregory recounted how his switch to the Air Force Academy led to a career of adventure--- medevac helicopter pilot in Vietnam, test pilot, astronaut, and finally Deputy Administrator of NASA.  In addition to hearing about the space shuttle mission Fred commanded to the International Space Station, we heard from the other side of the table about an equally critical mission-- Fred Woodworth being sent as a special emissary from Morrow to Stearns to obtain a copy of  David Roll's Physics 1 notes, necessary to rescue those of us in Morrow wallowing in confusion." 

 Dick Nugent and wife Cathy still live in Little Rock, Ark.  He retired in 2010 as (a) Branch Chief for Family Health at the Ark. Department of Health (ADH), where he directed the state's Maternal and Child Health Block Grant program and (b) Professor in the College of Public Health at the University of Ark. Dick makes it clear, however, that he remains active in retirement. He has worked small, part-time jobs, one at the request of ADH on whose behalf he negotiated a new set of state regulations for licensed lay midwives and another at the request of the University of Arkansas for Medical Science Department of OBGYN which involved an evaluation of a statewide effort to develop a consultation and referral system for high risk pregnant women. Currently, he is being paid by the health insurance companies Humana, Coventry and Well Care to do home visits to their members for the purpose of doing thorough histories, a brief physical and an assessment of medications which is shared with the member's primary care physicians. His efforts often can delay or prevent future hospitalizations. Dick and Cathy (also retired) enjoy their small cabin in Petit Jean State Park, an hour away where they have wonderful friends. Their 3 grown children Erik, Stephanie and Ben live in Ark., Ind., and Ore., respectively. All have jobs or interests that involve music. Dick and Cathy have 3 grandchildren.

 Phil Lilienthal writes that his most recent exciting news is that "we [Global Camps Africa or GCA] have formed a strong South African board of directors, composed of business people, fund managers, and entrepreneurs. This could lead the way to transitioning financially to local control as they want to raise the money needed to fund the operation." This may enable GCA which uses camping as a vehicle for social change and self-empowerment among underserved youth to export its work to other countries. Phil is recuperating from a broken kneecap accompanied by some recurring infection which seems now to be gone.

 John Kiely checked in on his way to Omaha, Neb. where he was to participate in the age group triathlon nationals where he hoped to see Dean Paxson. John's wife, Pam Oatis, is writing a book about early childhood development entitled "The First Thousand Days."

 Dave Nichols wants those of us who think that it is always raining in the Seattle area to know that Bellingham, Wash., his summer venue, has just set a new record of 55 or so days without rain. Dave explains that "summers here on the lake give me [and wife, Dot] lots of opportunity to scull in 75 degree weather." They head south in November to a new condo in Scottsdale, Ariz. for the winter and welcome any '62-ers who get down that way. 

 Larry and Joan  Beck have been on the move with travel, family, and friends.  At the end of the school year, they took two grandchildren (ages 12 and 14), the daughter and son of their daughter Kathy (Amherst '92) on a 12 day Alaskan trip which included a cruise up the inland passageway and a visit to Denali National Park. Larry reports that they experienced breathtaking Mt. Denali without its usual cloud bonnet.  Additional trips were made to a mini-family reunion on Block Island; two visits to their favorite getaway, a house they build on Eagles Mere Lake in the Poconos, including one weekend with friends Jamie and Geoff Stoudt (Amherst '64); and finally a trip to Keuka Lake with his best friend from medical school and wife. On tap were trips to Hilton Head Island with son David (Amherst '07), his wife Tori (Amherst '07) and 9 month old Greyson and to Boston to see Larry's sister Sally and the Becks' first son, Larry, Jr. and wife, Catherine. In mid-October the Becks are back to Fla. where Larry sings in 2 chorales.

 Larry Miike reports on more exciting trips. On the horizon are visits to India, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. He continues his work as a hearings officer for the State Water Resources Commission in Hawaii including contested cases on stream diversions on Maui which involve over thirty streams and 40,000 acres in central Maui. He says that now that the last sugar company has gone out of business, everybody wants the water and is concerned about what will happen to all that land. Larry says he continues to go to his gentleman coffee and fruit farm in Captain Cook on the island of Hawaii every other week. He says "As old age creeps up, I can no longer keep up with my tree pruning and have to hire help for the bigger limbs … My wife keeps on imploring me not to climb trees."

 Brian Christaldi has been honing his painting skills this summer in Connecticut. Samples of his work with watercolors and oils and the subject of cows may be seen by following a link found on these 1962 class notes on the Amherst website. [ And here is the link. ] Brian adds that his summer also has been dedicated to environmental protection--installing a new septic system.

At the eleventh hour, I got several emails from  Bob Harbison's wife, Esther. Many of us have waited years to get news of Bob. Esther writes that after getting his doctorate in English at Cornell and teaching at Washington University in St. Louis, Bob has been living in London most of the time since 1971. He is the author of 7 books. His first, Eccentric Spaces, was published in 1977 and, incidentally, reviewed by Dick Todd. Esther states that Bob's English editor said that she needed to wrap a wet towel around her head when she attempted to read Deliberate Regression. Bob's interests are books, paintings, and buildings (architecture). Bob and Esther plan a trip to Belize with her son and family over Christmas, the beach for the grandson and the ruins for Bob. Please note that Bob will be giving a lecture on May 3, 2018 at Drexel University in Philadelphia entitled Detail and Perception.

The  Shorts have been on the move since the 55th reunion. Patricia and I spent a couple of delightful weeks in June in Finland and Norway including a cruise down Norway's coast on a Hurtigruten coastal ferry from Kirkenes to Bergen, missing  George Rousseau by a few days (George lectures there from time to time). In July and August we visited the Chautauqua Institution in western N.Y. for a couple of weeks (themes were A Crisis of Faith? and Media and the News: Ethics in the Digital Age) where we bumped into John Wessner '60. We spent a delightful mini-week at Harrington Harbor on the Chesapeake Bay with our son Justin, wife Annie, Hudson and Clark (ages 5 and 2) and capped off our summer trips with a wedding anniversary celebration in Rockport, Mass., attendance at a Camp Dudley reunion on Lake Champlain and a short cruise on Squam Lake with our eldest son Joe, wife Liz, Maddie and Lily (ages 9 and 6).

I look forward to and welcome news from you at any time. Within the rules set by the College, I will edit minimally. Let's stay in touch, please.

Sandy Short

Summer 2017

I am writing this 3 days after returning from a memorable 55th Reunion at Amherst. What a wonderful, talented, and loving family we have in the class of 1962. We had a great turnout for a 55th: 68 alums and a total of 118 registered guests. I won't try to summarize the 4 days, but we will soon have many pictures posted on our class website. Our 3 panel discussions were widely acclaimed as among the very best of the entire Reunion program. I am very grateful to the members of my Reunion committee, who pitched in and made my job easy, and to Sandy Riley from the Alumni and Parents Program, who made the whole process go smoothly.

Bob Weedn was there with Julie, his wife of 50 years. Bob is in his 44th year as a general and non-cardiac thoracic surgeon, working in the same Duncan OK hospital where he was born. Son Bob Weedn (Amherst '96) is a business software developer. Daughter Ashley Weedn, MD is a pediatric researcher on faculty at OU. Son Travis Weedn is an attorney living in downtown Oklahoma City. Bob and Julie have 3 grandchildren, all boys. Bob was recently presented the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Duncan Chamber of Commerce. He has held numerous public service and medical society positions of leadership over the years of his practice, which he still enjoys immensely.

Phil Lilienthal was excited to announce the engagement of their son Ben, Amherst '95, to Abbey Ainciart, the wedding to be held in Santa Barbara in April 2018. Phil's Global Camps Africa continues to grow, with 500 new young people going through the camp and youth empowerment program this year. Phil would love to have classmates come to South Africa to volunteer as have Tim Barnes (and Pam), Don Adams (and Ellen Maland), and Marc Pohl (and Carol).

Mike Sheridan was at Reunion wearing a llama T-shirt. He is still breeding, raising, and showing champion llamas at his Hemstreet Farm in Elma, NY, and this year plans to compete in the ring with several llamas in 5 shows in various states. He encouraged classmates to visit him and "walk through the woods with a llama". He is only "a 10 minute drive from the Interstate 90 interchange"..

John Kiely, our Recreation chair, who organized a 1.5 mile Fun Run, reports that his wife Pam Otis is writing a book about early childhood development that will challenge a number of accepted protocols. The University of Toledo and John's Vistula Management Company recently received a grant to install solar on low and moderate income housing in Toledo and may be joined by the local utility, which had previously not been in favor of solar energy efforts. .

Brian Christaldi was at Reunion with wife Amy. Brian recently enjoyed co-instructing two sessions on financing infrastructure investments at Johns Hopkins' Carey Business School. He and Amy took a short trip to Tuscany, walking the Chianti hills. On return home, they joined Don and Ellen Adams at "DC's equivalent of an off-Broadway show"..

Ed Hughes (who chaired a very successful panel on ageing and dementia) wrote of an exciting family event: On  March 4th, Ed and Sue celebrated the wedding of their son, John  (Amherst '95) to Kristen Welker, NBCs White House Correspondent,  at the Bellevue Hotel in Philadelphia.  The wedding was the featured article in the "Vows" section of the New York Times the following  Sunday.  .


Present at the Ceremony were the following members of the Class of 1962 and their spouses/partners: Henry Freedman (Ed's Freshman and Senior year roommate) and Judge Helen Freedman; Professors Andy (Ed's Junior year roommate) and Lynn Lees; and Mark Pasmantier (Fellow intern with Ed at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center) and Carolyn Taylor.  .


There was a special Amherst connection to the wedding. Kristen is a many-year friend of the Lees' family.  In response to a request from the groom's mother,  Lynn Lees played a pivotal role in bringing the couple together, aided by the bride's best friend,  the Lees' daughter, Laura (Amherst ‘98).    .

  Also attending the wedding  in the role of groom's  woman was Ed and Sue's daughter,  Dempsey (Amherst 2001), a Senior Resident at Lahey Clinic in  Boston  and soon to be a Gastroenterology Fellow  at the University of Colorado.   Dr. Brian Kim (Amherst '95), John's freshman roommate, and his  wife, Sarah,  also  attended..


Ed and Sue will be hosting their annual Falmouth Road Race party at their home in West Falmouth on Cape Cod on the afternoon of Sunday,  August 20th. All are invited..


Pat Mullane, our Souvenirs Chair, arrived with the clever Class of 1962 Amherst luggage identifying handles for each returnee. Pat recently spent three weeks in Australia, including stops in Melbourne, Adelaide, Alic Springs, Palm Covve, Cairns and Sydney. "Wonderful country, great people and fabulous beer!".

Sandy Short (whose wife Patricia played organ and piano at our Service of Remembrance) reported on family: "Music has been a major theme in our household of late.  Patricia took over as our church organist almost 6 months ago, accompanied a Rodgers and Hammerstein Review (29 songs) in March, and is loving the chance to really dig deep back into music for the first time in several years.  A few weeks ago, I made my theatrical debut (I am a slow starter) as a Venetian peasant and chorister in  A Tale of Cinderella,  a late 90's Broadway musical  put on by a community theater group in Baltimore.  It was not a significant part, but it was a hoot.”  Sandy and Patricia enjoy having two children and two grandchildren (5 and 2) in their neighborhood enabling lots of  contact.  Their oldest son lives in Concord, NH with his wife and children (8 and 5); they find Concord a great community and understand why Stu Richmond so loved growing up there. .

Sandy also told of "a fabulous meet-up we had with Bob and Peggy Landon" recently in Naples, Fl.  Last year Sandy had recognized Bob across a crowded room at the Artis-Naples Center for concerts by the Naples Philharmonic and Vienna Symphony Orchestras, but was unable to catch up with them ("they had very good seats"). So this year they corrected that near-miss by going out to dinner with Bob and Peggy and had a delightful time.  Bob is still quite active in his practice of law in southeastern Florida and is recognized as one of the premier estate planning practitioners regionally and nationally.  Sandy added that Bob looks "so, so young--I was very envious". .

Bob Cook, who could not make Reunion, recently attended a presentation about the Hudson Yards real estate development, an enormous project under construction on New York’s West Side. The presenter, who "held the audience’s attention with a rapid-fire delivery…and wry asides" was Jay Kriegel. .

Jeff Epstein, our Class Agent, was at Reunion, having just returned from China where he spent a couple of weeks teaching basic business law at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing. He found the students "smart and hardworking", but found Beijing traffic at the top of the "worst" list. And the temperature hit 100 on the day he left. .

Larry Miike could not attend, but would have enjoyed the comments on diversity at a panel chaired by Tony Chan ’72, a fellow Hawaiian. Larry continues to travel: Japan, Myanmar, India, Vietnam, in the past two years. He visited a soy sauce factory in Japan and had soy sauce ice cream!! He visited a few sake factories, and the best one was "where they immediately gave you a bottle to drink, before the tour"..

The Becks are back in the Philly area for 6 months and enjoying the proximity of Tori’s (’07) and David’s (’07) seven-month old Greyson. We’ve decided to hold him back for a year sometime in the future, so that his Amherst reunions will coincide with ours, Kathy’s (’92) and the David Becks ‘07. We recently traveled down to the Wilmington area to visit Winterthur and on the way stopped to have lunch and catch-up time with Bill and Connie Amend ’63, who moved back from California about 2 years ago. .

This will be my last quarterly piece as Class Secretary, a job I have greatly enjoyed. It will be taken over by our newly elected Class Secretary Sandy Short. .

Larry Beck

Spring 2017

In January, Joan and Larry Beck drove up to Delray Beach to have a relaxed lunch with Carol and Marc Pohl , who was giving an erudite session at the Florida Society of Nephrology 50th Anniversary meeting. They used the time together to catch up and to work on the upcoming Reunion and Nominating Committee work.

Pat Mullane and Missy spent part of January in Australia. They were in Melbourne, then Adelaide, and ended up in Alice Springs, Australia.

George Rousseau wrote that he will be unable to attend reunion as he will be lecturing in Norway! Although retired from his Oxford professorship, he is still actively involved in research in several countries. He reminisced about his "three wonderful roommates" Andy Lees, Peter Rosenthal , and Ed Hughes , wishing he could be there to fill in the last 50 years with them.

Rich Landfield reported on what has become an annual gathering of Amherst '62ers at the D.C. Metropolitan Club. Nine classmates met in mid-December, one block from the White House and the participants vowed not to talk about the "anticipated new resident". Instead, they caught each other up on recent activities (see below). Different from last year, when chopped Antelope burgers were the rage, most stuck to healthier fare such as Cobb salad or grilled vegetable sandwich.

There was some discussion of the Amherst mascot controversy, as well as the recent unrest on campus. The loudest mascot voice seemed to be from Brian Christaldi , who proposed adopting Emily Dickinson as our choice, given her prominence as a town citizen and reflecting the "new" demographics of the College.
Steve Hersh has retired from active psychiatry practice, and now is involved in clinical medical research, overseeing 8 projects at well-known hospitals, including MGH, Hopkins, and Mayo. He also serves as medical advisor to the Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation.
David Roll was working on his third book, this one on George Marshall, who gave his name to the post-WWII redevelopment plan. Dave reports the work is "slow sledding", as he measures progress "one paragraph at a time".
Craig Morgan and Sing-huen continue to divide their time between baby-sitting for grandchildren in Boston and Brooklyn. Their third daughter lives in the DC area.
Reid Chambers is moving toward retirement from the practice of law, evidenced by is admission that he arrives in the office later than the other lawyers in the firm. He recounted a major case he has been handling for years on behalf of an Indian tribe in Arizona, involving competing water rights and claims.
Porter Wheeler is still consulting on transportation matters, and he has a specialty in private toll facilities. There was speculation if his business will explode, given the new President’s campaign promise to "make our infrastructure great again".
Sandy Short and Patricia happily have two of their three children and two of four grandchildren living nearby. They are active singers in various choral groups in the Baltimore and Patricia is the organist at their church.
Brian Christaldi and Amy spend a lot of time in their house near Washington, Connecticut, where Brian continues to be an avid tennis and squash competitor. He has taken up watercolor painting, for which he is taking lessons. He brought a sample (several cows in a pasture) and drew praise from his tablemates.
Don Adams was present as well; he and wife Ellen are taking some time off from their world travels.
Rich Landfield enjoyed a full year of being self-employed as a consultant to lawyers; however, it has burgeoned into more activity than he wanted. Daughter Sarah Landfield ( '93) moved to DC from SoHo in Manhattan, and now provides her parents with lots of entertainment via their 2-year old granddaughter Finn.
The DC gathering missed "regulars" Fred Woodworth ;, who was recovering from a knee replacement a few weeks earlier, and Barkley Clark , who had returned to childhood home, Denver, where "the skiing is better than in DC".

The Landfields, Christaldis , and Adamses had an unplanned mini-reunion at a National Gallery tour given by the new director of the Mead Art Gallery at Amherst. The class of 1962 had the largest number of any class at the event.

Steve Hersh reports that much of his energy and time for the last few months has been devoted to being care-giver for his wife Jean, which reminds him that several other classmates have found themselves in a similar situation. On the more positive side, their children, spouses, and grandchildren are all thriving, as are the eight clinical research projects Steve oversees or supervises, covering a diverse set of topics (mitochondrial disorders, bipolar disorders, endometriosis), as well as consulting to the Marriott Foundation. He hopes that he and Jean can make at least a limited attendance at Reunion.

Finally, John Hazlett regretted that he won’t be at reunion, but for a happy reason. Their older son Jed will be getting married that weekend in Austin Texas. Jed is a 41 year old bachelor, and they are delighted that he and Elizabeth Schoenfeld, a San Antonian, have found each other, resulting in an anticipated family reunion in late May.

Winter 2017

At the Newseum in Washington DC in September, at a dinner celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Lex Mundi Pro Bono Foundation, David Roll was honored for his work in founding and leading this multi-national organization which provides valuable pro bono legal services to global social entrepreneurs/innovators. Rather than the traditional gold watch, David received adoption papers for a RAT, which will be trained by the nonprofit Apopo organization to hunt and find unexploded land mines in Cambodia and/or to detect tuberculosis in human sputum samples.

Steve Hauschka: My 50th Academic year at the University of Washington is now more than half complete and for whatever unfathomable reasons I'm still having fun doing muscle gene regulation experiments and running a seminar for the new grad students.   This involves reading research papers from our weekly seminar speakers and discussing the pros, cons, and interesting extrapolations from of their data.   The students love it, so that makes it both stimulating and lots of fun. I was invited to give the keynote address at an International Muscle meeting several months ago, which was enjoyable but somewhat sad as I realized that almost all the colleagues who'd been in the field when I began are long gone, and a bit shocking to realize that most of the attendees weren't even born.   Great to meet so many enthusiastic young scientists though, and to see the extraordinary insights they're attaining.

John McDermott: I spent this past Friday and Saturday (in October 2016) at the College's Volunteer Summit, including a "breakout" session on planning for the forthcoming class reunions.  I didn't see any other members of the Class of 1962 there. The Summit was generally informative,  but with the exception of further chatter about the "mascot" issue, there wasn't much controversy.  My favorite moment was when someone suggested, with tongue in cheek,  that our new logo should be "Making Amherst great again!"  Mercifully, with the exception of this homage to Donald Trump,  there was very little formal talk about national politics.

Jesse Auerbach reports that "it has been a bit embarrassing being an American in Canada where Donald Trump is viewed in great fear across the political spectrum (Liberal, Conservative and New Democratic parties). As the old saying goes ‘When America coughs, Canada gets pneumonia'."

Craig Morgan reported in from Beijing, where he was traveling with Sing-huen, where he got stranded by China's social media policy, finding he was cut off from his gmaiI account. “I hope all is well (and that we will get through the next four years)”.

Jeff Epstein:   I always try to come up with something for you. This past October I taught at the law school at Sapientia University in Cluj Romania. This completed my 7th  teaching assignment in Eastern Europe. I was also able to visit Bucharest, a beautiful city known as Little Paris. Romania has many Roman sites and I spent a day at Porolissum which was the Eastern most outpost of the Roman Empire. I will be coming to the Reunion from a teaching assignment in Beijing which may qualify me as the classmate who travelled the farthest to attend. Best to you and your family.

Pat Mullane: reports spending an interesting and entertaining 13 days in Japan.  The trip included Tokyo, Hakone, Kanazawa, Kyoto and Osaka with day trips from each stopover.  The bullet train was fascinating as were the various Buddhist and Shinto Temples.  They saw the “world's longest wooden building” and the “world's largest wooden building”;  the integration of ancient, traditional and modern cultures was impressive.

John Crowell was invited to the Amherst Williams homecoming game by Todd Doebler (Amherst's tennis coach) and Rebecca Segal (the first ROTC member at Amherst  in 20 years). He reports that the new football stadium was a huge improvement, especially the facilities. They had white tents around the outside of the stadium for each 5 year reunion class, each sport and each student group, with loads of hot and cold food and drinks. He didn't see any 1962 classmates, but had a nice talk with Charlie Sommers '63. He pointed out that a few of the attendees wore military hats, in honor of Veterans Day, but not a single person in Amherst said “thank you”.

Sandy Short and Patricia got back from Amherst and Homecoming.  He saw Hugh Lavery and John McDermott and talked to Dick Todd by phone--he was there  on Friday  for a few hours only.  It was a beautiful weekend (“Biddy's talk was excellent, the choral music was exquisite and the campus looked beautiful except for the huge hole in the ground with the emerging science building poking skyward”).

Several classmates have circulated ideas for the new Amherst mascot. These include Joe Brecher's suggestion for the Amherst Schnauzers. Other entrants have been the Amherst Pheasants, the A Team, Lady Elizabeth Amherst, the Purple Martins, The Pocumtucks, and The Erumpent (submitted by Michael Diem after seeing the movie Fantastic Beasts

The 1962 Betas continue to meet for their annual reunion, this time in Seattle, WA. 21 attended: 12 brothers and 9 spouses; Paul Abodeely and Carol were the hosts. The group traversed the city – by foot, by Uber and by Duck. They went to the famous Pike Place Market, the Seattle Art Museum, the waterfront, the Olympic Sculpture Park, witnessed some fabulous entertainment and ate great food.   Attending were Paul and Carol Abodeely, Jim(my) Allen, Jim and Carol Aplington, Dave and Lillian Blood, Dave and Nancy Braun, Tim Cohler, Ted and Stephie Kolman, Dave and Stephanie Lawrence, Bill Leland, George and Marsha Nichols, Marc and Carol Pohl, Saul and Nancy Yanofsky – everyone agreed that it seemed like just yesterday that they were all together and are counting the days when many of them will gather at Amherst for the 55th and then in Charleston, SC in the Spring of ‘18.     There is truly a special bond between these “Beta Boys” that has not diminished over the past 58 years - an impressive group of grey haired men and not so grey-haired women who just value each other's friendship and enjoy being together.

Joan and I went on a marvelous 12-day Danube River cruise with Avalon (Budapest to Prague) with our long term friends the Cutlers, both couples celebrating our mutual 50th wedding anniversaries. We got home to a new grandson having been born 3 hours before our touchdown in Philadelphia to son David and wife Victoria (both Amherst 2007): Greyson Alexander Beck, Amherst class of 2038. Excitement continues to grow for our 55th reunion in late May 2017. We have terrific programs planned, and hope to see all of you there.

Larry Beck