Here are the sign-ups for our 55th Reunion as of January 27
Larry and Joan Beck
Irwin and Linda Buchward
George and Judy Carmany
Brian and Amy Christaldi
Tim and Linda Evers
Skip and Krista Friedrich
Lowell and Ellen Henry
Ed and Susan Hughes
John Kiely
Phil Lilienthal
Charlie and Marilyn Marsden
Bob Mignone
Craig and Sing-huen Morgan
Pat Mullane
Ralph and Sandra Myrow
Mark Pasmantier and Carol Taylor
David and Nancy Roll
Fred Sadler
Fred and Joanne Goudreau
Sandy and Patricia Short
John Simpson

Test 2016

Fall 2016

Joan and I spent 2 weeks in August at our former house (we rent from the current owner) in our favorite family vacation spot, Eagles Mere, PA in the Endless Mountains. We were fortunate to get all 3 of our children during parts of the vacation, including Kathy (Beck Guerette) '94 and David '07. Earlier in the summer, after dropping off Joan and 2 grandkids at Dulles for a trip to Iceland and Scotland, I stopped in to see Rich Landfield in Bethesda. His house is beautifully gardened (all due to Lonie) and I enjoyed meeting his dogs. We went to dinner at the DC Boathouse restaurant and enjoyed a couple of hours of catching up. In mid-August I attended the Philadelphia area Amherst dinner for incoming students at the Jenkintown home of Susanna and Rick Manstein '74 and Lila Manstein '18. I met some wonderful young men and women who will be the class of 2020!

John Kiely and his wife Pam completed an age-group triathlon in Omaha in early July. John reports "we survived!" Congratulations to you both!

Virginia Randall has written an essay about the "private language" that she and our departed classmate Michael used much of their married life. She has done a public reading of it, and it will be in a book scheduled to appear in October. An online reference to it is

David Perera and his wife Cherill have moved from Lopez island to the Panorama continuing care retirement community in Lacey, Washington. This way they will avoid ferry lines and be closer to their 4 children and 5 grandchildren. Dave has been in contact with his former roommates Peter Bellows, Henry Fieger, and David Nichols.

John Duryee remains healthy and is still running his clinical psychology practice, now going on 46 years! His physician son John is doing well with 3 kids. Daughter Alissa, husband Jerome, and 1 year old daughter Maxie came from their home in France for a wonderful visit. Maxie's parents are musicians and Alissa is on the faculty of the Amherst Early Music Festival (which indeed originated in Amherst many moons back), held these days on the Connecticut College campus. John plans to return to Amherst this fall to watch a neighbor's field hockey-playing daughter perform as an incoming freshman.

Fred Rodgers reports having been in St. Petersburg Russia in June with wife Valerie for a continuing legal education program, at which he and Steve Epstein '81 each presented talks. They all dispersed after the conference but by chance the Rodgers' and Epsteins turned up in the same restaurant in Tallinn, Estonia, and again in the Frankfurt airport. Kari Epstein is a classic cellist; the Epsteins came to listen to Fred's jazz trio playing in Denver, following which Valerie went to Boulder to hear Kari and orchestra backing a rock group. What a great Amherst relationship they have developed.

Jesse Auerbach wrote all in caps as "your retired one-armed happy camper" (he broke his right arm; didn't say how). He and Jean again enjoyed the Vancouver and Islands Folk Festivals where they caught groups that most of us haven't heard of (the Lomax Project; Ten Strings and a Goatskin; Si Kahn). He was delighted to see the under-30 crowd takes on, with high skill and deep respect, music over a hundred years old.

Mike Diem and his wife, Margaret, are returning to France for another one week river cruise in October. The last one was in October 2014 in the Bordeaux region. This will be one week Tauck cruise on the Rhone River, France's gastronomic heartland, preceded by 3 days in Paris. All of this is in celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary, which was in March.

Our 55th Reunion Planning Committee has begun regular conference calls to organize a reunion that none of you will want to miss. We already have some exciting programs planned for May 2017.

Larry Beck

Summer 2016

We received the sad news of the death of one of our class giants this month. Rice Leach died on April 1, 2016. See the In Memory piece in this issue.

The third weekend in May was very Amherst-intensive for the Beck family. On Saturday, I joined other Amherst grads on a 2 hour walking tour of the proposed Rail Park project in Philadelphia. Classmate Andy Lees, who lives in Philly almost adjacent to the exciting new venue, was there as well. The Rail Park will be a biking, walking, and recreational park along the old Reading Railroad line, akin to the High Line park in NYC, and funding is so far available to break ground on Phase 1 in the fall. Later that day, I had a wonderful dinner at the Union League Club with Fred Sadler and wife Edi. Fred happened to be in town for his 50th medical school reunion and to receive 'the Lifetime Achievement Award' from the Drexel University College of Medicine.

He remains active on the Board of the Physician Assistant History Society and has given Commencement addresses to several long time PA Programs (Stanford and Baylor), and Inaugural Addresses to new programs (MGH and Case-Western Reserve) among others. He retired from primary care-urgent care on California's central coast after 34 years last year.

Edi continues to divide her time between her work as a nurse practitioner specializing in diabetes and completing her MFA in a seven year on line course at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. Her work is viewable at They are looking forward to our 55th class reunion next May.

And finally on Sunday, my wife Joan and I (along with our daughter-in-law Tori Simoes Beck '07) attended the One Day University, featuring 8 outstanding teachers from colleges and universities around the country. Two of the eight were Amherst profs, Austin Sarat and Catherine Sanderson who, in my opinion, was the "star" of the whole day.

Fred Sadler followed up his trip to Philly with a visit in Cleveland with Marc Pohl and Carol, during which time they covered "a myriad of topics besides NBA Basketball." They also covered the topic of being same-sex twins (Carol has a twin sister), with International Twins Day coming up. Marc says he had to drag Fred out of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Carol and Marc took off for a trip to Venice, Croatia, Slovenia, and Berlin during early June.

Dudley Lyons reports that he and Vee recently moved into Moorings at Grey Oaks, a retirement community with an average age of 73. Having resisted this type of move in the past, they are finding they still have their old country club community and now have a new retirement community of very active and accomplished people as well. Vee is an artist and she displays her art during the year in various places. She is also active with many mission projects for their church. Dudley recently retired as the chief lay leader of the church and is now spending time putting on seminars related to "Aging Well" for church members. He is also running the church's thrift shop, which contributes around $200,000 per year to various charities in the area. In addition, they have started a small group of 70 year olds who meet on a regular basis to discuss experiences and learning accumulated over their lives and wish to pass on to their grandchildren. Dudley describes this as "one of the most fascinating endeavors, and I recommend it highly". Their son Greg ('04) is a senior vice president at Pepsi and runs Mountain Dew. Greg has two children and lives in Ridgefield, CT. Daughter Tori also has two children and is a nutritionist living in Leesburg, VA.

David Schulz has been retired for five years from his career in computer science. He is "enjoying life after retirement; I've been taking courses, volunteering, and travelling with my wife Sonja". She's been having some health issues lately, but they are "dealing with them as best we can".

In his career with Computer Sciences Corporation, David had the opportunity to work on a variety of different projects, for several different clients. He spent most of his career on projects for NASA. In between he worked on projects for the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Intelsat. In his final project before retiring, CSC was a subcontractor for ITT on an Army contract.

He and Sonja have three adult sons: the eldest lives in Florida, the second in Northern Virginia, and the youngest travels all around the world, but is currently in San Francisco. The second son is married and has given them "two lovely grandchildren".

David enjoys two close friends who are also Amherst grads: Newton (Larry) Jassie ('60) and Larry Sidman ('70).

Jeff Epstein reports new grandson now one month old, Charles Reynaud Epstein was born to son Andrew(2001) and wife Eliza. They have moved to Austin where Eliza is pursuing a Doctorate in educational psychology. The Epsteins have 6 grandchildren now. "I think we have topped out".

Andy Lees has just retired as Distinguished Professor of History after forty-two years in the History Department of the Camden campus of Rutgers University. "Teaching here has been very different from teaching at Amherst, where I was based for six years, starting in the fall of 1968. I had to be prepared to answer questions as well as to pose them, and so I had to spend a lot of time working up informative lectures that would not put students to sleep. At Rutgers, expectations with regard to research and publication were also higher. As a result, after arriving here, I published not only my doctoral dissertation on German intellectual history in the 1850s but also four books in the area of comparative urban history--most recently a book titled The City: A World History, which appeared last fall with Oxford University Press. I like to think (as my students seem to think) that I am sill at the top of my game, but at age 75 I have concluded that it is time to make way for someone younger. What I do next remains to be seen".

Andy and his wife Lynn (also a historian, semiretired from Penn) plan to stay in Philadelphia during most of the year, except when they are on Cape Cod in the summer or are visiting children (both Amherst graduates) and grandchildren in London or on Maui.

A few weeks ago, George Rousseau, a good friend and a brilliant scholar who retired a few years ago from Oxford, paid them a visit, the first such in over nine years Lynn and Andy both enjoy good health, which--in light of the horrendous accident that forced him to delay graduating until 1963---he regards "as a great blessing".

Jesse Auerbach and Jean are settled in their "lovely high above the earth apartment" in Vancouver's Yaletown with a grand view including False Creek harbor. Jean is working very hard as the CEO of Ecotrust Canada working with First Nations in forestry and fishing. Jesse is happy catching great music and theater shopping and cooking while keeping in touch with classmate John Evan Simpson who lives in St Johns at the other end of Canada. He notes that Canadians of all parties are super-worried about Donald Trump as candidate.

Corky Brittan is still working, full time, for a renewable energy company, mostly on the environmental-permitting side of things. He reports that little has changed in their lives - ranching, riding, skiing, and writing among various continuing activities, with four grandchildren (the oldest just finished her freshman year at Harvard) "only adding another dimension. Judging from your latest column, there doesn't seem to be much slowing down among us".

Larry Miike sent in an update. Since his retirement in 1988, he has been very involved with water use, serving on the state's Commission on Water Resource Management, about which he is writing a book. He has been the hearing officer for two contested cases, both involving streams on Maui which had been diverted by sugar companies for over 100 years. The first case will involve over 100 interested parties, most of whom are representing themselves. Fitted in between is "swimming in the ocean and enjoying our two grandsons".

Barkley Clark was featured in the May 2016 issue of Business Law Today. [Here is the article.] Barkley's career has evolved around the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), an area which he was encouraged to enter right out of law school. As he says, the timing was perfect, as the UCC was just getting enacted around the country. He has written benchmark statutes in this area, has practiced law related to the UCC, and has taught around the country at various law schools (currently University of Kansas). He and his wife Barbara write two monthly newsletters, which they use to update the treatises. Along the way, he was the mayor of Lawrence, Kansas for two terms!!

In the first week of May, Harvard Medical School held its 50th Reunion over four days. Present and actively involved were Larry Beck, Irwin Buchwald, Ed Goetzl, and Ed Hughes. The four of us sang a lusty version of Lord Jeffery Amherst at one of the dinners, as a small protest against the recent "mascot" decision. Hughes gave a nice short presentation on his career: he is in his 40th year as a tenured Professor in The Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, where he teaches Leadership, and where he is currently the President of the Faculty (of the entire Northwestern faculty). His wife Sue continues to do excellent research as a gerontologist and Research Center Director at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Ed reminds all of his annual party at their Cape Cod home following the Falmouth Road Race in late August. “Perennial attendees" have been the Gerry Finks, Henry Freedmans, Andy Lees', and Fred Sayles'.

As I write this, we are only 12 months to the day away from our 55th Reunion. I have heard from many of you who have offered to help out; I will be creating the planning committee in the next month or so and will appreciate help from many of you. Mostly, I hope that you will all plan to come May 24-28, 2017.

Submitted by Larry Beck

Spring 2016

Rich Landfield sent me the following summary of the now "traditional" DC area December luncheon:

"This year's (2015) holiday luncheon gathering of Washington area Amherst '62ers was held again in the downtown Metropolitan Club, courtesy of Roll and Landfield. There were 10 of us. If you are really clever, you'll be able to figure out which adventurous two out of our group -- Sandy Short, Don Adams, Brian Christaldi, Craig Morgan, Barkley Clark, Reid Chambers, Fred Woodworth, Porter Wheeler, Dave Roll or Rich Landfield -- ordered chopped Antelope burgers. Beyond the excitement of the menu choices, there was not significant activity change from 2014's holiday season lunch. Most conversation was directed at happenings at Amherst, which included the mascot controversy (I remember dogs on the field as the mascots) and apparent unrest among some of the students, as well as the developing Presidential candidate primary season, and, much less so than in previous years, what each of us is doing. On the controversial topics, there was an expectable diversity of views.

"Muffin (Roll) is still working on his third book, looking at George Marshall (who was a character in his book on Harry Hopkins) as a means of understanding our post World War II world. Bulldog (Morgan) and his wife now have a grandchild in New York City so they divide their time between baby sitting in Boston and NYC (Brooklyn). Barkley Clark still practices commercial law with offices in Washington, DC, Kansas City, and elsewhere, but lives the life of a country squire outside Charlottesville, Virginia. Reid Chambers may be the only other lawyer member of the group who is still practicing. In his case, Indian law. He says he can't retire until he knows how to do law. Bag Woodworth retired a number of years ago and now spends time with Anne between Washington and a cabin in the woods of North Carolina or traveling. The two were big fans of walking Hadrian’s Wall in Great Britain. I see Fred at Anne’s concerts. In addition to singing in a chorus, she is a working, published poet.

"Porter Wheeler is still consulting on transportation matters, which he proved by having to leave lunch early to go to a meeting. He and Mary visit San Francisco to see their entrepreneur son, Mark. As previously reported, Sandy Short is retired; he gets the award for driving the farthest, from Baltimore. He and Patricia are active singers in various groups and are fortunate to have two of their three children and two of their four grandchildren living nearby. Brian Christaldi, recently retired from having been General Counsel at Overseas Private Investment Corp, continues to play tennis and squash avidly. He and Amy spend a lot of time in their house near Washington, Connecticut. Don Adams, a regular at these gatherings, continues to spend a good part of the year traveling with Ellen, most recently a beeline trip to the Baltic States "before Putin could get there," he said. Landfield is between careers, having just retired from being Director of Development at a small mental health hospital. He is doing some legal work for his old firm and some former clients. He hopes to keep his brain engaged in consulting work in both law and development.

"There was agreement that we should do these little reunions more often."

In other news, Tim Evers reports that he and Linda Nickelson married in March and have downsized into a condominium, still in Mystic. He invites any classmate in the area to please stop by for a visit.

John Duryee recently moved to a lovely rural NJ home with two barns "enjoyably reminiscent of the Amherst countryside". He maintains an active practice of clinical psychology and psychoanalysis; he is in good health and surrounded by family and friends. Physician son John lives nearby with three of John's 4 grandkids. The fourth lives in France with her mom Alissa (an accomplished keyboard artist/conservatory professor) and French husband Jerome (a talented cellist). They have a bilingual website

Dean Heitler is busy as a Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker with Douglas Elliman in Manhattan, and has several residential sales waiting to close. Wife Sherry Klein Heitler continues as Justice of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, and she is Chief of Policy and Planning for the New York State Courts. At a ceremony at the Waldorf, she received the 2015 Boris Kostelanetz President's Medal from the New York County Lawyers Association. In addition to a busy trial calendar, she teaches at Fordham University School of Law, from which she, their daughter Jill, and son-in-law Jeffrey Blomberg all graduated. Dean is frequently reminded of his early childhood in Denver through sports: he recently watched the Nuggets beat the Knicks with his grandson Zachary, then watched the Broncos win Super Bowl 50! Dean's twin brother Don Heitler and 3 other sibs live in or near Denver. Don and wife Anita (Smith '62) are both Platinum Life Masters in bridge. Don hopes that his four grandchildren, all "exceptional" (of course) in class and in sports will consider Amherst as their college of choice in the future.

Local Amherstian John McDermott and Emily enjoy a few basketball games and the excellent work of the Amherst Symphony Orchestra and Choral Society. John remains active with the Hampshire Choral Society, a regional chorus currently preparing the Brahms Requiem at UMass Fine Arts Center in May. John is also on the governing board of the regional alternative education program. John has offered to help me with local arrangements for our 55th Reunion in 2017, which I will chair.

Bill ("Smokey") Stoever happily announced the birth of his first grandchild ("at my ancient decrepit age!"). Aidan Zhang Stoever was born an 8 pound boy, conceived by artificial insemination from a Chinese sperm donor, since his daughter's spouse is of Chinese descent. Bill is expected to bring some male role modeling into this two-woman household; he hopes to teach his grandson windsurfing "if I live long enough". Bill wonders if he can claim title to the oldest first-time grandfather in the class of '62.

George Carmany gave a glowing report of the eighth (!) Gerald Fink symposium on Bioscience and Healthcare, an event those two started, and which has continually attracted distinguished alumni in their fields. In addition to George and Gerry, this year's speakers included Nobel Laureate Harold Varmus ‘61 (former Director of the National Institutes of Health and President of Sloan-Kettering Cancer Institute) and Tuffy Simpkins '69, a Harvard educated surgeon. He is an African American and engaged the students in a very personal way about the barriers and prejudices he has faced and overcome in his long and successful career. The symposium usually includes a "ringer" from outside our own ranks; this year it was Barbara McNeil, "who founded the Healthcare Policy Department at Harvard and is a medical school classmate of Beck, Hughes, and Ed Goetzel". A current student, Minjee Kim, also presented on breast cancer research she had done last summer at the Whitehead Institute. George reports that "from the back row, Harold (Varmus) asked a couple of questions about methodology, to which she gave a polished response…in such a field this was like having God pose a question to a 20 year old kid". Hers was one of the high points of the day.

We all should be proud of this annual symposium sponsored by our class. It has attracted almost 1,000 enrollees over its eight years. And we should be particularly proud of Gerry Fink, who is the current president of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Finally, Bob Cook is interested to know how many classmates are still working full- or part-time. He (Bob) is active in law and has an office on the same floor in a New York firm as Jeff Glen, who was also on his same floor as a freshman in Stearns. Bob says he never considered working this long, but the collegiality of the firm and the continuing mental challenges of the law appeal to him. Bob and Sally plan to stay in New York, enjoying many friendships and partaking of the rich cultural life.

Perhaps we could have a "show of hands" (and brief description) of those of you still working regularly, to be addressed in the next quarterly report.

Larry Beck ‘62

Winter 2016


I am sorry to report the death of our classmates Dorn Younger and David Smith; see In Memory pieces in this issue. [Here are the links to Dorn Younger's remembrance. and to Dave Smith's ]

There have been several Amherst gatherings involving our class over the last quarter. The Metropolitan Club in Washington DC was the site of a joyful Amherst gathering in early October. Bill (Harvey) Webster and Dave Roll hatched the idea of celebrating the fact that most of us had turned 75 recently. The turnout was terrific; the food, drink, and banter was perfect. Attending from 1962, in addition to Webster and Roll, were: Larry Beck, Brian Christaldi, Jim Guest, Rich Landfield, Craig Morgan, Sandy Short, Jay Ward, Porter Wheeler , and Fred Woodworth , virtually all of us with spouse or significant other. In addition to our class we had Ray Battocchi, Bob Krughoff, Tony Mason, Tony Packard, Silas Wasserstrom, Bill Ziegler, and Larry Dewitt (all from '64), Sandy Gadsby ('57), and Sherman Katz ('65), In addition to wonderful reminiscing, toasts, and Amherst songs (INCLUDING a lusty rendition of LORD JEFFERY AMHERST), our guest was Jon Thompson, men’s lacrosse coach, who gave an inspiring talk on how our student-athletes are involved in the community and on campus; Jon answered numerous questions from us old grads.

Another great reunion for the '62 Betas! For 4 days in September, 12 brothers and 10 spouses – gathered in Cleveland, OH for their biennial get together (soon to be annual, as an acknowledgement of calendar age but by no means mental age!). Marc Pohl was the organizer and did an amazing job getting the group to really experience Cleveland. To a person – Paul and Carol Abodeely , Jim and Carol Aplington, Dave and Lillian Blood, Dave and Nancy Braun, Tim and Ann Cohler, Ted and Stephie Kolman, Dave and Stephanie Lawrence, Bill Leland, Bob Mignone, Saul and Nancy Yanofsky, Steve and Carolyn VanNort – everyone agreed that it seemed like just yesterday that we were all together and that they enjoy a special bond that has not diminished over 57 years.

Unfortunately George Nichols (and his wife Marsha) couldn’t be there as he was recovering from serious knee surgery (but is happily on the mend) and neither could Jim Allen (and wife Anne) as he was in the midst of overseeing a complicated legal case and not even the lure of the Betas could intervene.

In personal news, Jeff Epstein reports a fifth grandchild and Jamie’s ('90) second: Owen- born six months ago. Jeff taught again in the Czech Republic this Fall. Interesting fact: All students had Facebook accounts but no one had heard of Twitter. Jeff attended 50th Harvard Law School reunion, joined by Bob Landon and Brian Christaldi : 3 out of 21 from our class who entered Harvard that Fall, ? indicating less interest in graduate school reunions.

Tom and Kiyoko Woodhouse enjoyed a hiking trip in Slovenia with another couple, part of a group of twelve (all Australian other than ourselves) assembled by a small Australian outfit named Hedonistic Hiking. The food and wine were definitely hedonistic (Slovenia produces some very good wines), but the hiking was a challenge.  On the toughest day they climbed over 800 meters on Mount Matajur in the Julian Alps (more with ups and downs), in rain at the beginning turning to blizzard at the top. “There we crossed the border from Slovenia to Italy. No guard post. No file of migrants (other than ourselves). Beautiful views when the weather lifted enough for us to see.”

Peter Sill 's wife Marcia sent a note reporting a small party to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. She reports that Peter is bravely battling Alzheimer’s disease; she knows that others in similar situations will understand the devastation of this disease.

And in further health-related news, Rice Leach sent a nice summary of his career, which is now being slowed down by his lymphoma which "doesn’t seem to want to go away". [To see the entire letter, click here..] Rice has told his Board of Health they need to find a replacement; he has devoted over 50 years to public health in Kentucky, finishing up on the front lines again. He would like all to recognize "what a central Kentucky public health team of Chinese, Russians, Mexicans, Colombians, Peruvians, Rumanians, Puerto Ricans, Poles, Panamanians, Egyptians, Caribbean islanders, American Indians, African Americans, whites, gays and straights can do when they have a unifying purpose".

David Nichols and wife Dorothy spent a great week with Peter Bellows at his London flat in June. He and Dot then went to Germany to renew "contact with her old American Field Service "sisters" from the summer of 1957. (Editor's note: I was on board the Arosa Kulm that summer with 600 other high schoolers and watched David spot and then approach his future wife Dot on deck during a wild rainstorm).

Congratulations to Jesse Auerbach 's wife Jean, who has been invited to lead Canada’s national environmental organization specializing in fisheries and forestry: Ecotrust Canada ( are looking forward to moving to Vancouver, BC early in January, where they anticipate lots of great folk music and other diversions.

Lastly, your secretary, Larry Beck and wife Joan were happy to celebrate the wedding of our son David ('07) to Victoria (Tori) Simoes ('07) on a crisp October Saturday at Skyland Manor in Ringwood NJ. The wedding party and guest list were dominated by Amherst men and women for this joyous occasion .

Larry Beck

Class News Test

Jim Guest Retirement Party---

Porter Wheeler, Bob Krughoff ('64), Si Wasserstrom ('64). Jim Guest, Craig Morgan,
Fred Woodworth, Rich Landfield, Dave Roll (Jay Ward mysteriously missing)


Porter and Bob
Porter and Bob


Craig and Rich
Craig and Rich


Jim Receiving Tribute
Jim Receiving Tribute


Summer News Test

With apologies to all for the loss of resolution due to file size restrictions.

Colorado Scene
Winter in Beaver Creek, CO by Dave Nichols

Colorado Scene
Untitled Painting by Dave Nichols

Colors of the Sunset
Colors of the Sunset by Dave Nichols

Colors of the Sunset
Autumn at Dusk by Dave Nichols

Pilot B of Our 50th

Here is a second start on photos of our 50th Reunion---

Jim Allen
jim Allen


Jim and Anne Allen
Jim and Anne Allen


Larry and Suzanne Weiss
Larry and Suzanne Weiss


Larry Weiss
Larry Weiss


Hugh Lavery
Hugh Lavery


Hugh and Jan Lavery
Hugh and Jan Lavery


Andre Schwartz
Andre Schwartz at Registration


John and Arlene Lewis
John and Arlene Lewis


Mystery Woman
Seeking Identification


John and Arlene Lewis
John and Arlene


John McDermott and Linda Smith
John McDermott and Linda Smith (wife of Hub Smith '57


Sherry Wilson
Sherry Wilson


Sherry Wilson


Bob and Mary Ann Anthony
Bob and Mary Ann Anthony


Jim, Jay and Betsy Ward
Jim, Jay and Betsy Ward


Jim Guest and Jay Ward
Jim Guest and Jay Ward


John Kiely and Fred Sayles
John Kiely and Fred Sayles