Gas Leak

Submitted by Julio C. Mendoza
I feel about the same way I did four years ago. It was the summer before the beginning of Middle School. Virgil had the reputation similar that to a state penitentiary. I didn't want to go, but the Los Angeles Unified School District said otherwise. I felt nervous; I didn't want to start all over. Sure a few of my friends from Rosemont Elementary School were joining me, but I still felt reluctant. As it turned out it was exactly as how I envisioned it. It was brutal, the other kids were mean; they copied my work and made fun of me. I let them because I wanted acceptance (I never really was the popular kid).High School was a completely different experience. Downtown Magnets High School seemed to be a haven for odd balls, and I mean that in the kindest sense of the term. It was small, and my class got to know each other very well. Lasting bonds were made and I don't want to say goodbye.I'm excited and nervous at the same time. Will Amherst be another Virgil or DMHS? I think it's the latter. When I visited, my roommate and I stayed up late because we heard hissing noises from the heater. I live in LA so I of course have no idea what heating systems sounds like, so naturally I suggested a gas leak. Well, lets just say that night my roommate and I slept with the windows and door open opposite the wall emitting the gas leak (heat).I think I'm gonna like Amherst.