About Me

Submitted by Leslie G. Moclock


I graduated from Amherst in December, 2009, with a major in Geology.  While a student I split my time mostly among my department, my house, and the Museum of Natural History.

I knew I was going to be a geology major about a month and a half into the intro course the second semester of my freshman year.  

I lived in Humphries House, or the Zu, for 3 1/2 years.  During that time I played mom to the 21 other residents in this predominantly vegetarian food co-op and became adept at cooking for 30 on the fly.  The characters who paraded through those doors made the Zu a truly wonderful, special home.

The Museum of Natural History let me explore not only the College's excellent collections but also connections with the community around the hill.  I interacted with and led tours for local families, friends on the museum circuit, curious passers-by, and school groups of all ages.  In addition to telling them all about the science I love most, I enjoyed inviting these visitors onto our campus and hearing about their lives in the Pioneer Valley.  It was my opportunity to step outside the Amherst bubble.

In addition to these pillars of my time at Amherst, I also enjoyed singing with the Concert Choir for two years and pursuing solo voice performance my senior year.

Beyond Amherst

After taking a gap year and working for the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, I am currently enrolled in a MS program for geology at the University of California, Davis.  My master's research explores the timing and kinematics of deformation along the Bear Mountains Fault Zone in the Sierra Nevada Foothills, California.  I have greatly enjoyed my time as a teaching assistant in this department, teaching structural geology, field geology, and mineralogy for two years.

I am relocating to Portland, OR, with my husband after finishing my degree.