Sample Work

A few papers from my first few semesters at school. Later work was unfortunately lost when I did not move quickly enough to copy files from the school network's personal drive before graduation. That included most of my papers in anthropology and sociology.

 A brief critique of psychology at the end of this lab report-- scroll to last page. For my introductory psychology class.

A paper for a sociology class on cultural difference in which I criticize a historian's engagement with the "culture" of the 1920s and 1930s. First three pages are summary. My argument, beginning on page 4, is that by studying the most official version of the historical record, this historian consults the most sanitized description of the past, produced by and for the dominant. His work is thus flawed because subordinate people and groups attempt to hide their resistances, lest they be exposed to harm; because culture is found in practice, in the day to day, not in the newspaper headlines and congressional records he consults; and because ostensible submission can have a strategic, even counter-hegemonic element.

An article that I wrote for the school's "journal of social and political thought", in which I argue that the journal is one among many pedagogical mechanisms that instills the Amherst ideal-- equal parts elitism, demophobia, and abstraction-- in captive students.

 A paper, entitled "A Sentimental Educationalist: Effects of Affect in Fieldwork", given at the annual 5 College Undergraduate Anthropology Conference.