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Africa: Denrele Edun to Co-Host 'Lip Sync Battle Africa' Season Two

6 hours 19 min ago
[Vanguard] MTV Base has revealed that the ultimate lip synching showdown is back - Lip Sync Battle Africa, the pop culture phenomenon that's swept the continent, returns to our TV screens from 22 April 2017.

Africa: Why Africans Less Trade Among Themselves?

7 hours 18 min ago
[Ethiopian Herald] The Regional Economic Communities (RECs) have been established in a bid to garner all opportunities on the ground and boost trade and investment across Africa.

Africa: Why Trump's Questions On U.S.-Africa Policy Are Not to Be Taken Lightly

10 hours 11 min ago
[Nation] Last November, the then incoming United States (US) President Donald Trump's transition team fired a slew of pointed, unsettling questions to outgoing president Barack Obama's Africa policy people.

Africa: Sage Foundation Launches Enterprise Fund to Inspire Innovation in Africa

Friday, 2/24/2017, at 9:36 AM
[CIO] Sage has launched its $1 million Sage Foundation Enterprise Fund, which is open to non-profits in Africa with enterprising ideas to help improve the lives of military veterans, young people or women and girls.

Africa: Donald Trump, White Victimhood and the South African Far-Right

Friday, 2/24/2017, at 8:51 AM
[The Conversation Africa] In the age of smartphones and social media, the spread of ideas as digital memes is global and unpredictable. This includes, for example, Islamic State (IS) recruiting followers from across the globe, to the nationalist and xenophobic ideas that were espoused respectively in the campaigns by Brexiteers to get the UK to leave the European Union and Donald Trump to get elected as US president.

Africa: We Are Not Afraid of Fighting - Migrant on Anti-Immigrant Protest in South Africa

Friday, 2/24/2017, at 8:42 AM
[Vanguard] As anti-immigration protests erupt in South Africa, police have been deployed in key cities while Nigerian Consulate has released hotlines for emergency.

Africa: Oslo Conference Calls On Donors to Fight Famine, Starvation

Friday, 2/24/2017, at 7:55 AM
[RFI] An international donor conference in Oslo, Norway aiming to raise a chunk of the 1.4 billion euros the United Nations says it needs to address deepening food insecurity in the region this year. Earlier this week the United Nations said 1.4 million children were in danger of dying because of famines in Nigeria, South Sudan, Somalia and Yemen.

Africa: Tunisia to Participate in Joint Military Exercises With France, U.S. and Germany

Friday, 2/24/2017, at 6:04 AM
[Focac] Tunis -The Tunisian army has scheduled a series of joint military exercises in 2017, with the collaboration of some European countries and the United States, Belhassen Oueslati, spokesman of Tunisian Defense Ministry, said on Thursday.

Africa: Open Economies Role Seen for BRICS

Friday, 2/24/2017, at 5:58 AM
[Focac] BRICS countries should make joint efforts to maintain the openness of global economies and oppose trade protectionism amid worldwide economic sluggishness, China's top diplomat said on Thursday.

Africa: WhatsApp Celebrates 8th Birthday With New 'Status' Functionality

Friday, 2/24/2017, at 5:40 AM
[allAfrica] Instant messaging service WhatsApp has announced that it will reconfigure the status feature to coincide with the service's 8th birthday on 24 February. According to company founder Jan Koum, users will be able to update their status with photos and videos for their contacts to view.

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