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Africa: Candidates for AU Chair to Take Part in Pre-Election Debate

8 hours 7 min ago
[Nation] Candidates for the position of chairperson of the African Union Commission are set for the first-ever pre-election public debate this week, with Kenya's Amina Mohamed lobbying African envoys to endorse her on a promise to free the continent from the last vestiges of colonialism.

Africa: Ghana Can't Disappoint Africa in 2016

8 hours 33 min ago
[Ghana Star] Some members of the Pan-African Parliament (PAP) have reminded Ghana to be guided by her previous peaceful elections and, as such, cannot disappoint Africa in the December 7 polls.

Africa: Culture and Tradition Highlights Closing Ceremony

16 hours 19 min ago
[CAF] The ceremony lasted for about 45 minutes at a packed Ahmadou Ahidjo Stadium in Yaounde. It was the closing ceremony of the 10th edition of the Women's Africa Cup of Nations Cameroon 2016.

Africa: Is Democracy On the Rise in Continent?

Saturday, 12/3/2016, at 4:43 AM
[News24Wire] Democracy has been rising steadily in Africa because citizens are getting tired of autocrats and want to have a say in how things are done, the Institute for Security Studies (ISS) has found.

Africa: Pre-Match Quotes - Cameroon - Nigeria

Saturday, 12/3/2016, at 1:13 AM
[CAF] Enow Ngachu (Head Coach, Cameroon)

Africa: Thank You Fidel, Africa Is Free!

Friday, 12/2/2016, at 7:23 AM
[Vanguard] I can remember the moment and where I was when news broke that Fidel Castro Ruiz, the international symbol of revolutionary change, had passed away on Friday November 25.

Africa: Two More Armed Groups Agree to End Use of Child Soldiers

Friday, 12/2/2016, at 7:12 AM
[VOA] A humanitarian group says its work of persuading armed groups to stop the recruitment of child soldiers is making slow, but steady progress. The group, known as Geneva Call, reports it received pledges by two rebel groups to end this practice during a recent three-day training workshop, which taught respect for international law.

Africa: After a Bruising Year, the ICC Plots a Road to Redemption

Friday, 12/2/2016, at 6:13 AM
[Daily Maverick] It's been a rough couple of months for the International Criminal Court. Bruised by the triple African withdrawal, battered by unexpected criticism from Russia and the Philippines, the court's very future is under threat. But after years of sticking its head in the sand, it seems it might finally be learning a few lessons. Maybe all that bad press is exactly what it needed. By SIMON ALLISON.

Africa: Hypertension Now a Cause for Worry in Africa and Asia

Friday, 12/2/2016, at 6:04 AM
[East African] The burden of hypertension has now shifted from developed nations to low and middle- income countries in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia.

Africa: Castro - Africa's Hero Attracts Varied Opinions Even in Death

Friday, 12/2/2016, at 4:52 AM
[Citizen] We live in a world of pairs. Two eyes. Duology. Dark and light. Fidel Castro's death at 90 proved this point. Even his funeral tomorrow is surrounded by two divergent views. I was not living in the West when Fidel Castro was a big hero in Africa, over 40 years ago. I was not aware of how hated he was here.

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