Parker Morse '96

Submitted by Parker J. Morse

I'm back in Amherst, as one of the two principals in Common Media, Inc., a web production startup. We won $1000 as an honorable-mention prize from the Tufts Business Plan contest in 2007, and despite the gloom and doom elsewhere, we're still getting a ridiculous amount of work. We're still feeling around for the best growth path for us, but we hope to be able to develop some websites which will be businesses in themselves.

Or we'll go belly-up, which is always a possibility.

I finished my MS in Computer Science at Tufts in May (2007).

I'm still messing around with track writing. In 2008, I had paying work taking me to the World Indoor Championships in Valencia, Spain in March; the U.S. Olympic Team Trials (Eugene, Oregon in June and July); and the Olympic Games in Beijing. Plus the usual round of big meets and big marathons in the Northeast.In 2009, I'll be off to the World Championships in Berlin in August.

(Find more at my Tufts CS home page, or you could just read my weblog, which is named for my Amherst thesis.)

I'm also, with Brian Meacham '97, Dave Nardolillo '98, and Mina Suk '99, one of the writers for Am'erst , a blog about the College.