Mariana Palacios

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Student Health Educator since 2006

Health Education           Varsity Track            Psychology Department 


Student Health Education, Amherst College,Amherst,MA       

Jan. 2007-present

Student Health Educator                                                                                                                 

·   Lead women’s health workshops, sexual health and responsibility workshops, sleep and stress workshops for students. Passive programming and office administration.

·    Freshmen Orientation: programming, actor in Orientation Health Skits, and diversity discussion leader.

Pulmonary Division, Research Assistant, Case Western University, Cleveland, OH                                                   


·   National Heart, Lung & Blood (HLB) Institute Summer Undergraduate Research Grant.

·   Nonlinear analysis of breathing patterns in the development of acute lung injury (ALI).

·   Experience with animal preparation, surgery, plethysmography, linear and nonlinear data analysis, Bradford protein and Sircol collagen assays.

·   First researcher to obtain significant results for entropy analysis of breathing patterns in ALI.  Significant implications: results indicate a trend between nonlinear analysis and ALI state, possibly transforming ICU pulmonary care in the future.

·   HLB Poster Presentation July 2007, Expected Presentation at the Experimental Biology Conference, San Diego, April 2008.


Biology Department, Laboratory Teaching Assistant, Amherst College, Amherst,MA                           

Sep. - Dec. 2007

·   Organized pre-lab set-up, facilitated professors in lab sections, instructed students, graded lab reports for Introductory Biology (19) and tutored.

Chemistry Department,Teaching Assistant, Amherst College, Amherst, MA        

Sep. - Dec. 2006                        

 ·   Graded Introductory Chemistry (11) assignments weekly.

Village Camps,Senior Music SpecialistFounex,Switzerland                                                                                      

June-Aug. 2004-2006

·   Senior camp counselor, director and leader of music classes for campers, ages 4-13.



 Interests and Skills

·   Varsity Track and Field (Amherst College: 2005-present; throughout high school, varsity: 2001-2005).

·   Habitat for Humanity: Biloxi, MI (Spring Break, 2007); Holyoke, MA (August 2005); Camp Mechuwana, Winthrop, ME (July 2001); Franklin, West Virginia (August, 1999).

·   Piano study and performance (1994-present).

·   Languages: conversational knowledge of Spanish and French. 

·   Computer: Proficient in PC, Mac, Word, Excel, Power Point, PDF, Publisher, CMS. 

·   Research: spectrophotometry, plethysmography, chromatography, gel electrophoresis, centrifugation, NMR, respiratory acquisition software (PowerLab, ADInstruments), mutagenesis, fruit fly genetic analysis, animal anesthesia and surgical techniques (experimental and terminal surgeries).



Office Hours

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Submitted by Mariana Y. Palacios