About Me

I am a web programmer and have been here at Amherst College since September of 2008. Most of my time here has been spent doing Drupaldevelopment as we use that CMS for both our public-facing website and as a Learning Management System. More specifically, I work mainly on developing Drupal modules and other code in order to refine our system and make it easier/better for instructors to teach courses and for our users to create rich content.

Five College Map

I have attended DrupalCon in Washington D.C. in 2009, San Francisco in 2010, and will be attending in Chicago in 2011.

I have found it very useful to have many smart people in one place each with something to offer and think it is also a great opportunity to network with other institutions of higher ed who may be solving or looking to solve similar problems. Any collaboration which can be done to reduce redundancy is a great thing and thankfully Amherst College is very willing to embrace the open-source mentality and share as well as receive assistance from others.

One of my passions is in refining user interfaces in order to make things easier and more intuitive for end users. I am always looking to new technology and new ways of accomplishing tasks. I believe firmly that it is always worth evolving and moving forward in spite of any potential challenges which may make such a path more difficult. I am an avid learner of web technologies and enjoy learning how different systems come together to achieve a common goal. While we currently use Drupal, I have dabbled in Rails, Django, and other web frameworks and have learned many interesting concepts which I am then able to bring back to my Drupal development.