Poetic Instincts—Thinking in Action
Chris Aiken and Angie Hauser, Smith College, Dance

Life Practices
Ann Cooper Albright, Oberlin College, Dance

Translating in the Conditional: Collaborative Music-Making, Emergence, and Breaking the Classroom
Mark Lomanno, Swarthmore College, Music

Preaching the Gospel of Improvisation
Sandra Mathern, Denison University, Dance

Thinking Through Improvisation: Creative and Critical Thinking in the Liberal Arts Curriculum
Dominic Poccia, Amherst College, Biology

The Media Arts & Sciences Major at Wellesley
David Teng-Olsen, Wellesley College, Media Art

Improvisation as a Mode of Address
Monique Roelofs, Hampshire College, Philosophy

Improvising Histories: Performing the Experiments of Surrealism
Mercedes Teixido, Pomona College, Studio Art

International Improvisational Exchange
Colleen Thomas, Barnard College, Dance

Jazz, Improvisation and Liveness: Historical Reflections on Jazz as a Live Medium
Steve Waksman, Smith College, American Studies and Music