Procrastination Continued - Photo Test

Fall at Sugarloaf
Now, does the caption included in the upload show beneath the picture? No. Anyways, this is yours truly climbing up Narrow Gauge at Sugarloaf this past September. Interestingly enough, if I were to hike back up to this spot and retake this picture today, there would be some leftover snow in it. I can look out my bedroom window right now, only a few days from the end of April, and see wide expanses of snow left on some of the trails. A couple of my students spotted people hiking up Hayburner and getting some turns in yesterday. I might go up on Monday, after Reunions, just to say that I got some snowboarding done in June.
Carving on King's Landing

A little procrastination on a Sunday morning...

Nothing to see here, folks, just poking around to see how this thing works before I go work on a Smartboard presentation for my French 2 students... and I've discovered that HTML tags don't seem to work for the titles of these posts.