There Be Dragons

HERE BE DRAGONS Written & Performed by Evan Specter '92 Direction & Dramaturgy by Corey Fischer Music by Lucas Ward '93 Part coming-of-age story, part spiritual adventure, this disarming and theatrical solo takes us from Venice, California to Kathmandu, as an Amherst religion major looks for the real thing via esoteric teachings, near-death experiences, giant Komodo lizards and doomed romance. Evan Specter's post-post-modern embodied storytelling introduces us to a psychic pool-cleaner, a Tibetan secret-agent, a German past-life coach, an array of Axis power and Australian hotties, and various Buddhist, Hindu, Sufi and self-taught spiritual guides. playing at The Marsh on July 30th , 7:30pm 1062 Valencia Street (near 22nd), San Francisco more info at and