holding 1.09 pounds of puppy

This is the puppy we fostered. My partner is a dog trainer for the SPCA in Oakland, so we got to have this little guy for 48 hours of pure puppiness.

Hey there,

As you can probably see, I graduated in '99.

Now I live in the San Francisco Bay Area where I study Acupuncture (i.e., Traditional Chinese Medicine) at the American College of Chinese Medicine (www.actcm.edu).  After I graduate, I plan on getting my California acupuncture license then setting up a practice in the Bay Area.  

In my small amounts of free time I play and record music (singer-songwriter style)...  www.emilyshore.com.  

Before going to grad school I worked in education, most recently for the Wellness Initiative (http://www.sfwellness.org/) doing outreach and education work in a public high school in the Mission Neighborhood of San Fran.

Once I figure out if I'm actually making this page correctly I'll probably add more......

If you want to network or discuss alternative medicine, or find out how to listen to my music, or just say hellow, feel free to contact me at emilyshore@gmail.com. 

-Emily :-)