Amherst Debate slides of Harvey Sheldon

These are the slides I used at Amherst College on May 30, 2009 to debate and rebut Bob Knox' presentation on the subject of whether man's carbon emissions are significant causes of global warming. I never got through them all. Some of the sources are lost in the notes that are not shown on the PDF, and I apologize for that. My thanks in particular to Dr. Lindzen of MIT, Lord Monckton of Brenchley, and to a brilliant friend and scientist in California wishing to remain anonymous for their help in my explorations and preparations on this subject. I also owe gratitude to the many scientists, cited and uncited , who, in order to stay true to their science and findings, have braved and battled the winds of political correctness and spoken out.

Non-Governmental Panel on Climate Change

This 2008 Report summarizes the work of qualified scientists who went through the U.N. IPCC data and other peer reviewed material. The body of their work is 800 pages in length. Their conclusion is that man has only an insignificant influence on Earth's climate.

Prof. Lindzen on Global Climate Models

A key article for understanding the worthlessness of global climate models.