THE GOD MACHINE, the long-awaited sequel to GOSPEL TRUTHS, is finally available!



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The Church insisted it didn't exist.

They lied.

They said it was just a Masonic legend.

It wasn't.

A two thousand year old secret...


The coded journal of Benjamin Franklin. A hidden map. A legendary gospel. These are the first pieces to an ancient puzzle so powerful it could destroy the very foundation of Christianity.

Once before, Joseph Koster unearthed one of the Church's most deeply buried secrets, and it almost cost him his life. But some treasures are too hard to resist. And as Koster puts the pieces of Franklin's puzzle together, he discovers something even more startling...and infinitely more deadly.

Now, along with beautiful Indian electrical engineer Savita Sajan, Koster must race to decode Franklin's journal before it falls into the hands of those who would do anything, kill anyone to suppress it. But in a world of secret societies, ancient conspiracies and Masonic puzzles, locating the prize is one thing...staying alive, another.

For as Koster and Sajan are about the learn, the same key that unlocks the doorway to Heaven...could open the portals of Hell.

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The book business, like so many others, is in trouble these days. So, I'm turning to you--my loyal readers--to help me get the word out about THE GOD MACHINE. By participating in this Readers' Contest, you'll become part of the book launch, part of the book experience, and authors--in a very real sense--of the book's success.

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The contest just began on May 1st (3 days following the release of THE GOD MACHINE on April 28th), and will run through the end of July, concluding at midnight on July 31st. All winners will be announced in my August "What's New!" post.

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Date: June 13th, 2009
Venue: Border's
Time: 1:00 - 2:00 PM
Address: 601 Nassau Park, Princeton (off Rt. 1), NJ
Phone: (856) 985-8909

Date: June 24th, 2009 [RESCHEDULED]
Venue: Head House Books
Time: 7:30 - 9:00 PM
Address: 619 South Second Street, Philadelphia PA
Phone: (215) 923-9525

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THE GOD MACHINE -- Editorial Reviews

Book Passage
"In a thrilling tale of secret societies, ancient cover-ups, intellectualpuzzles, and nonstop action, one man--spurredby the discovery of Benjamin Franklin'scodedjournal--goes in search of the legendary Gospel of Judas, but finds something even more incredible.Original."

THE GOD MACHINE -- Reader Reviews

G. Goggins@

"I enjoyed this book a lot. I had read Gospel Truths years ago and remember how it struck me as a better read than the highly popular DaVinci Code, in part, because of the rich historic details and intelligent connections. I like to learn something when I read, and I really felt that I learned a lot after reading both the Gospel Truths and The God Machine. J. Sandom has a good way with developing his characters, too, and Joseph Koster is quirky enough to be interesting, yet very real. It was nice to catch up with him in The God Machine after so many years."

gracie412 @"I loved this book! I'm a huge fan of these kinds of thrillers and I must say this is one of the best out there. This book was fast-paced, easy to read, and kept me on my toes until the last page. I was already a fan after Gospel Truths but -- man oh man -- this one was way more exciting and more of a thrill ride...If I had a God Machine I'd wish that J.G. Sandom not take so long between books. I can't wait for this to be made into a movie! If you like books with action, adventure and really smart plots, this is the novel for you!"

seagull49 @
"One of the best books I have ever read. Right there with the great Dan Brown...This book is a page-turner. It will keep you up. I have read Gospel Truths and this one, and both are great. Do your shelf a favor and buy it."

"I really enjoyed this book! It is a cross between The Da Vinci Code and National Treasure. It really should be made into a movie. I am looking forward to reading GOSPEL TRUTHS."

Caroline Thompson (author of Edward Scissorhands) @ Small & Creepy Films
"Dan Brown is considered the god of the God thrillers. Well, move over, Dan Brown...All hail J.G. Sandom.Do you love codes? Hidden maps? Forbidden sacred texts? Secret societies? Ancient cover-ups? Masonic puzzles? Then, get yourself THE GOD MACHINE as fast as you can -- freshly published byBantam paperbacks. It is a thrilling and breathless, rapturously-written and mind-blowing read. It'll keep you up all night, turning pages as fast as your little fingers can manage. I see on the author's website that heeven has a Readers' Contest: five hundred bucks...Jeez. What's keeping you?"

"This novel can definitely stand on its own two feet amongst the crowded religious thriller genre; and not only does it stand, it shines among some of the best in the field. This one's got wheels, not feet...If you like religious thrillers with secret discoveries, mystery, religious nuts and secret societies, conspiracies, intrigue, and well-developed characters, then you need to get this book. Definitely the best religious thriller I've read in a while...Better than The Da Vinci Code...I give 5 stars out of 5, or a 10 out of 10! It's a rarity among the world of fiction, especially those of this ilk. Buy it now and prepare to be up for an all-nighter!"

"This is quitea book--so much so that I read this in one sitting. It is full of adventure and paced so that, for me, it was impossible to put down...The fact that Sandom is an excellent writer makes the story all the more real. He has craftfully created characters that are real and believable and his pacing is remarkable. I do not often read a book in one sitting, especially when I have exams to grade, but "The God Machine" pulled me in and kept me hooked!"


Before The Da Vinci Code...before The Last Templar...before The Secret...and before THE GOD MACHINE-- there was GOSPEL TRUTHS! Re-released after more than a decade, it's time to read the book that started it all.

J.G. Sandom is featured under One to Watch at Check out the in-depth author interview.

Booklist called GOSPEL TRUTHS, "a splendid, tautly woven thriller...(and) an intelligent mystery of tremendous spiritual and literary depth." Library Journal said, "A masterful first novel, based on a true incident, which spins a complicated web of corruption, greed and deception." And Mostly Murder characterized it, "A fascinating mystery ... captivating and engrossing."

When City of London Police Inspector Nigel Lyman is assigned to investigate the death of a notorious Italian Banker found hanging under Blackfriars Bridge in London, the inquiry leads him to the Amiens and Chartres cathedrals in France in pursuit of a shadowy arch criminal -- leader of a corrupt Masonic lodge, the I Four -- intent on acquiring an ancient Gnostic Gospel whose discovery would undermine the very foundations of Christianity.

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THE WAVE is still selling briskly @
and through most major booksellers and online bookstores.


Kirkus said, "Sandom's strength lies in the verve of his story, with writing that has both muscle ... (and) brains ... Races from improbable to crazywild, all in good fun, with Sandom always one step ahead ... A story with enough manic energy to be worthy of a nuclear explosion."