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FALL 2008


I was the featured guest author at the recent Middle Atlantic College Stores (MACS) National Convention at the Dover Downs Hotel & Casino in Dover, DE, on the 26th of October.  Over a hundred college bookstore owners & managers were in attendance, and a good time was had by all.  I read selections from GOSPEL TRUTHS and the forthcoming sequel THE GOD MACHINE, and talked about the Internet and how college bookstores can leverage the Web to improve business.

Meanwhile, my Young Adult (YA) novel RESURRECTION MEN is currently being featured in both School Library Journal (John Peters' article entitled "Not.Exactly.Dead -- Under the Sheets Reading") and Curriculum Connections ("Murder and Mayhem Under Grey Skies" by Joyce Adams Burner), a joint venture publication between School Library Journal and that reaches more than 60,000 educators and librarians around the country every month. Click here to hear me speak about my name through the "Name Pronounciation Guide".

THE UNRESOLVED is highlighted in the October, 2008, Horn Book Monthly Special, "Ghost Stories" ... for all of you who like a good scare this time of year. It also made Horn Book's list of recommended American Historical Fiction.

Last but not least, check out the new cover art for THE GOD MACHINE, due out on April 28th, 2009, from Bantam (See below).

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THE WAVE is finally available @ and through most major booksellers and online bookstores.

If you liked GOSPEL TRUTHS or THE HUNTING CLUB, if you enjoyed THE UNRESOLVED or RESURRECTION MEN, check out THE WAVE - A John Decker Thriller.

Kirkus said, "Sandom’s strength lies in the verve of his story, with writing that has both muscle ... (and) brains ... Races from improbable to crazywild, all in good fun, with Sandom always one step ahead ... A story with enough manic energy to be worthy of a nuclear explosion."

When Cryptanalyst John Decker of the FBI is assigned to the Joint Terrorist Task Force in New York, he has no idea he is about to be thrust into a deadly plot of eco-terrorism masterminded by El Aqrab, the Scorpion, a diabolical killer recently arrested in Tel Aviv.

Following the theft of 8 kilos of Highly Enriched Uranium, an ultimatum is issued to the West: Release El Aqrab or a nuclear bomb will be detonated. But, at the last moment, El Aqrab escapes...and the authorities never get the bomb.

While Homeland Security is convinced it's headed for New York, only Agent Decker -- assisted by brilliant and beautiful oceanographer Emily Swenson -- believes the bomb’s true destination is La Palma, in the remote Canary Island chain.

Now, Decker and Swenson have less than six hours to prove their theory, defuse the bomb, and prevent a mega-tsunami from annihilating the Eastern Seaboard.

J.G. Sandom's most recent TV interview on "Breezin' with Bierman" is available at YouTube.  See the author read from THE WAVE, and chat about his other recent publications.

For an excerpt from THE WAVE, click here.

We'll be adding a new chapter from the book each month until THE GOD MACHINE goes on sale next year. Enjoy!

The results are in for last month's READERS' POLLThe question was, "What are the prophesies found in Sura 81 of Al Takwir in the Koran meant to symbolize?"  You all got this one right.  Great job!  The correct answer was, "The end of the world."

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THE GOD MACHINE, the long-awaited sequel to GOSPEL TRUTHS, is currently with the publisher.
 The novel is scheduled to be released by Bantam in May 2009. Let me know what you think of the cover by leaving a comment here.

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        The Church Insisted it didn't exist.

                                                They lied.

        They said it was just a Masonic legend.

                                                It wasn't.

        A two thousand year old secret...



The coded journal of Benjamin Franklin. A hidden map. A legendary gospel. These are the first pieces to an ancient puzzle so powerful it could destroy the very foundation of Christianity.

Once before, Joseph Koster unearthed one of the Church's most deeply buried secrets...and it almost cost him his life. But some treasures are too hard to resist. And as Koster puts the pieces of Franklin's puzzle together, he discovers something even more startling...and infinitely more deadly.

Now, along with beautiful engineer Savita Sajan, Koster must race to decode Franklin's journal before it falls into the hands of those who would do anything, kill anyone to suppress it. But in a world of secret societies, ancient conspiracies and Masonic puzzles, locating the prize is one thing...staying alive, another.

For as Koster and Sajan are about the learn, the same key that unlocks the doorway to Heaven...could open the portals of Hell.

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Before The Da Vinci Code...before Holy Blood, Holy Grail and Labyrinth...before The Secret -- there was GOSPEL TRUTHS! Re-released after more than a decade, it's time to read the book that started it all.

J.G. Sandom is featured under One to Watch at Check out the in-depth author interview.

Booklist called GOSPEL TRUTHS, "a splendid, tautly woven thriller...(and) an intelligent mystery of tremendous spiritual and literary depth." Library Journal said, "A masterful first novel, based on a true incident, which spins a complicated web of corruption, greed and deception." Mostly Murder characterized it as, "A fascinating mystery ... captivating and engrossing." And the (New York Daily) News said, "GOSPEL TRUTHS is a monumental novel of suspense ... almost epic in proportion ... complex, yet skillfully crafted."

When City of London Police Inspector Nigel Lyman is assigned to investigate the death of a notorious Italian Banker found hanging under Blackfriars Bridge in London, the inquiry leads him to the Amiens and Chartres cathedrals in France in pursuit of a shadowy arch criminal -- leader of a corrupt Masonic lodge, the I Four -- intent on acquiring an ancient Gnostic Gospel whose discovery would undermine the very foundations of Christianity.

For an excerpt from GOSPEL TRUTHS, click here.

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Check out the latest in-depth author interview at Wordswimmer. See what inspires J.G. Sandom (T.K. Welsh) to write his Young Adult (YA) books, and learn about the author's writing process.

RESURRECTION MEN has been named a Junior Library Guild selection.

Publishers Weekly called RESURRECTION MEN, “A haunting tour of London's underclass during the 1830s...Welsh's visceral descriptions of industrial London are unflinching...Teens will likely be both captivated by Victor's harrowing story as well as his ability to prevail in the face of harsh injustices." The Thrushmetal Review said, "The action and pace is steady and quick, rarely pausing, and finishes in an unforgettable, movie-quality fight-to-the-death.” BIG A, little acalled the novel, “A moody, evocative tale in which more than bodies are resurrected – the souls of the primary characters are at stake as well. Welsh brings 19th-century London to life in all its horrors and brilliance and Victor is a hero worthy of the reader's attention...T.K. Welsh is fast becoming one of my favorite writers. His work transcends genre and audience classification.” VOYA said, "Welsh’s plot and writing style are reminiscent of Oliver Twist by Dickens but far more graphic. Teen readers will thoroughly enjoy the hair-raising suspense in this historical thriller." Kirkus Reviews called RESURRECTION MEN perfect for, “audiences that relish historical fiction...(A) lurid stomach-churner... strewn with corpses and gruesome relics." TeensReadToo termed it, “an intense, dark work of historical fiction that made me read every page intently to the end...T. K. Welsh’s rich vocabulary and detailed descriptions...transported me to the streets of London...I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes historical fiction.”KLIATT, the Free Online Library, said, "Like M.T. Anderson's The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, this look at sinister events in history makes the era come alive and lingers in the memory." Jen Robinson's Book Page called the novel, “Gripping and fast-paced, filled with intriguing historical details...You can practically smell the smells, and feel the hair rising on the back of your neck, as you read this book. The ending is utterly satisfying and consistent. Highly recommended for fans of historical fiction." The Miss Rumphius Effect said, “T.K. Welsh, where have you been? I loved this book! Victor is a worthy protagonist, and one that is not easily forgotten once the book is finished. A wonderfully ghoulish story that captures the darkness of London in the mid-1800s. Pick it up and you'll find it hard to put down.” And School Library Journal said, “Part historical fiction and part adventure story, the novel brings excitement to Victorian England through an elaborate plot of body snatching, greed, and street life...Readers will be on the edge of their seats as they follow Victor from Italy to England as he seeks to solve mysteries and combat the rampant malevolence of the period.”

Inspired by the 1831 "Italian Boy trial" of body snatchers in London, England, RESURRECTION MEN is a spine-tingling murder mystery that pits a beggar boy named Victor against a nefarious group of Resurrection Men. In this tumultuous dark underworld, where a fresh subject can fetch as much as nine guineas -- the yearly salary of a working man -- Victor must risk his life to uncover the identity of the murderer who is at the heart of London's furtive trade in human corpses.

For a sample chapter of RESURRECTION MEN, click here.

If you already own a copy, click here to access a secret section of the site...just for you. [NOTE: Make sure to enter the name Secret (S-e-c-r-e-t) and the correct Password, printed at the rear of the book.]

(NOTE: J.G. Sandom writes his young adult novels under the name T.K. Welsh.)

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Ranked one of the Top Ten Children's Books of 2006 by the Washington Post, THE UNRESOLVED was nominated for a Young Adult Library Services Association -- YALSA 2007 Teens' Top Ten, the only book award recommended and awarded solely by teens.  The novel was previously named a 2007 Association of Jewish Libraries Notable Book for Teens by the Sydney Taylor Book Award Committee, which recognized only six works in Jewish teen literature last year.  THE UNRESOLVED was also nominated for the 2006 Cybils literary awards, and for the 2007 Best Books for Young Adults (BBYA) by the American Library Association.  It's currently featured as one of theBest Teen Books of the Year 2006 at

The Washington Post said, "Welsh writes with a precision and delicacy unusual for YA fiction."  School Library Journal said, "THE UNRESOLVED tells a remarkable story in a remarkable way."  Horn Book Magazine called THE UNRESOLVED, "A decidedly unconventional ghost story ... (and) a tightly wound novel."  Kirkus Reviews termed it, "A remarkable account."  Romantic Times said, "THE UNRESOLVED is a book you shouldn't pass up."  The Edge of the Forest said, "It may be the most beautifully written novel I've read this year."  All About the Book said, "THE UNRESOLVED is a great one.  Mallory is the most well-developed ghostly character I've seen in a long, long time." Midwest Book Review called THE UNRESOLVED, "a wonderfully different kind of ghost story."  And said, "THE UNRESOLVED scores on several levels, most notably as a drama that blows apart all preconceived notions of how history can be retold."

Inspired by the tragic events of 9/11, THE UNRESOLVED reaches back into history to explore what was, until recently, the greatest disaster in New York City history.  Based on the sinking of the General Slocum steamship -- which caught fire in the East River, New York, in 1904, resulting in the death of over 1,000 mostly German immigrants on a church outing -- THE UNRESOLVED is at once a ghost story, a courtroom drama, an examination of immigrant life, and a tale of love, redemption and revenge.  The novel dramatizes how a single life -- and death -- can have a powerful influence on history.

(NOTE: J.G. Sandom writes his young adult novels under the name T.K. Welsh.)

For a sample chapter of THE UNRESOLVED, click here!

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THE WAVE -- Editorial Reviews

"In Sandom's doomdsay thriller, a cryptanalyst and an oceanographer combine forces in an attempt to thward a terrorist plan to inundate the eastern seabord of the United States...Sandom's strength lies in the verve of his story, with writing that has both muscle, in its pacing and violence, and a measure of brains as it goes about knitting Islamic calligraphy into the action, as well as making skirmishes into cryptography, vulcan stimulation and the higher physics of radiation and isotope decay without force-feeding the dense material to the reader...After a rather stately start...(THE WAVE)races from improbably to crazywild, all in good fun, with Sandom always one step ahead...A story with enough manic energy to be worthy of a nuclear explosion."

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