James M Shook


I have recently made a life change and am moving from the (somewhat) big city to a farmhouse in Vermont where I will be working as a full-time artist. I hope to be full-time, at least. I have been doing work in film animation, computer graphics, interactive multi-media and web site development, as well as teaching at several universities and art schools, including UMASS Amherst and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

I have also done a fair bit of photography over the years: James M Shook Photography

I have really missed working directly with my hands, and so I will be painting and perhaps working in other media. I might even try my hand at carving sculpture out of logs with a chainsaw, which seems to be quite popular here. It’s a big change for me to have so much time to work in the studio, and coming at this stage in my life I fully understand how precious this time is.

If I’m not in the studio, you can probably find me staring at the garden I inherited from the previous owners, with a vague feeling that I should be doing something about the garden right now, but what?