Wedding Anniversary



Mary and Rob celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on June 18, 2010.  Their first "date" was on the golf course.  We still spend a lot of time on golf courses these days.  I play while Mary rides on the cart and walks some between the green and next tee.  On the greens, Mary holds the pin, repairs pitch marks, holds extra golf clubs so they won't be left behind, and marks golf balls that are in a players line.  She does NOT read the greens for Rob!

To celebrate this 50th anniversary milestone, we took our three daughters, their husbands and the six grandchildren to Vancouver, British Columbia July 24-28, 2010.  The weather was simply fantastic - clear skies with the temperatures in the upper 70s.  The grandchildren wanted to do things together, so that's what we did.  We visited the space museum, the science center, and the park in Vancouver.  A highlight was a day spent taking a ferry to Victoria and seeing the gardens there.  We were most impressed with Vancouver - an up and coming cosmopolitan city.  Lots of construction downtown. Very friendly people.  Two of the families went to Whistler for some hiking, canoeing, and cable car riding.

Rob fainted in June, 2012 and cut his head open.  After surgery to drain a blood clot, he spent the better part of four months recovering from ancillary ailments and angioplasty.  Since he was not able to work for two months, he "was retired" from his job in the real estate securities business after 23 years working for a former neighbor.