Submitted by Alexandra Kent on Thursday, 3/5/2009, at 9:16 AM

Know someone over 60 who is putting passion to work?

The Purpose Prize® is accepting nominations, including self-nominations, at until March 5th.

The Purpose Prize® provides ten awards of up to $100, 000 to social entrepreneurs, 60 years and older, who are solving some of our most pressing social issues – from health care to the environment, poverty to education.  

Winners are leading a national movement of people in encore careers utilizing their skill and experience for the greater good.  See who's won the prize:  

·          Catalino Tapia, an immigrant who built a gardening business and decided to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarship funds to seed the American dream for Latino youth. 

·          Joe James left his career in government to create the Greening of Black America Intitiative, linking African American farmers in the rural south with new "green" technologies.

·          Michele McRae, a former teacher, is engaging hundreds of older adults in the plains of North Dakota and Minnesota to serve as mentors for resettled refugees trying to assimilate.

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Alexandra Kent '01
Director, The Purpose Prize