January 31st, 2007

Submitted by Lindsay B. Wells
india 6

Until I think of something better to put on my page, here is a quick life summary since graduation:

September - December 2003: worked a boring temp job at home in Maryland

December 03- June 04: Trained to go to Mozambique with Chris in Williamstown at the "cult".  Did a lot of fundraising.  It was cold.

June 04 - June 05:  Volunteered at a teacher training college and vocational high school with Chris.  We taught English, built some dormitories, ran a school health clinic, and learned a LOT.  Our website/ journal is still up if you want to see pictures.  http://landcinmoz.org

August 05 - January 07: I've been teaching Geometry and Physics at the Berkshire School in southwestern Mass.  It's nice to be back in Massachusetts, but the boarding school lifestyle is starting to wear thin...it's been a good year and a half (great co-workers and students, beautiful surroundings, and teaching is FUN!), but it's time to move on. 

March 06 - visited Anna Cabot in India...wow, I want to go back. 

June 07: no plans yet...but I'm working on them.