I thought I'd try it out...

Submitted by Lynn O. Wilkinson
I took a look around, and saw that so far only our dear class secretary Mike has had the courage to start up a home page...  We look like a bunch of dinosaurs!  

Adventuring out into the wild blue yonder of the alumni internet... I posted a picture, (March 2007), and now (March 2008) I've even added a new page (see the links at the left).   

The picture is from a dogsledding trip I took in March of last year.  An outward bound course.  Loads of fun, and quite an experience.  The second page is pictures and video from a trip to Africa in March 2008, which was completely amazing.
If you have not yet initiated your mid-life crisis which leads you to try all the things you've never tried before, I highly recommend it.
I hope everyone is well.  I'm looking forward to the 25th reunion and hope to see you there.