Helping students learn how to think is our primary concern. But we know that feeling can be just as important as thinking, and that sometimes a place just feels right. So we encourage you to come visit us in person. Sit in on a class. Talk with current students. Experience Amherst for yourself.

Welcome, Everyone

Our campus is open and easy to navigate. Walk around, see our spectacular views, attend an event, visit a museum. You can explore the campus on your own (see our campus map) or take an Admission tour, or even sit in on a class.

Admission Tours & Information Sessions

There are a number of ways you can experience Amherst in person. Reservations are not necessary for individual students and their families, or for groups of 10 or fewer. Groups of more than 10 should call the Office of Admission at (413) 542-2328 two weeks in advance to schedule a visit.

Wilson Admission Center

Attend an Information Session

We regularly offer general information sessions, which are held at the Admission Office. (When you are here, don’t forget to ask us about available Financial Aid information sessions.)

Ancient Greek Philosophy with Jyl Gentzler

Observe an Amherst Class

Select a class from our course scheduler, and contact the professor. Please plan to stay for the duration of the class. Due to the small size of our classes, group visits cannot be accommodated.

A map of the Amherst College campus

Literary Amherst Tour

From Johnson Chapel to the Robert Frost’s statue to Emily Dickinson’s home, take a walking tour of our scenic campus to discover Amherst’s rich literary tradition.