Watch the Reconstruction of Animal Skeletons in Amherst's Museum of Natural History

In April 2006 the skeletons of large extinct animals were reconstructed in Amherst’s new Museum of Natural History while the college community watched via AmhCam. The work was done by Research Casting International (Beamsville, Ontario). The skeletons—and the rest of Amherst’s extensive natural history collection—had been in storage for 16 months, as the college moved the collection from the former Pratt Museum of Natural History into new quarters. Watch a sped-up version of the reconstruction as captured on our AmhCam.

The new Earth Sciences and Museum of Natural History Building was designed by Payette Associates (Boston, Mass.). Read an Amherst magazine article about the collection and the new building.

Special thanks to Ted Platt '06 for making the movie from AmhCam stills, and to John Englund of Willamette University for permission to use his performance of Rimsky-Korsakov's piano piece, "Flight of the Bumblebee."