Biology Research Guide

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Try these databases first to find journal articles in this discipline.
  • PubMed (1966 to present)
    Premiere biomedical index, includes MEDLINE and links to molecular biology databases.
  • Web of Science (1984 to present)
    Search thousands of journals across the sciences and social sciences and track cited references to locate more recent articles.
  • AGRICOLA (1970 to present)
    Index of journal articles and reports from the National Agriculture Library.
Use these encyclopedias and reference works to get started on a topic.
Find streaming audio and video in these collections.
  • Journal of Visualized Experiments: Biology Collection (JOVE) (2006 to present)
    JoVE Biology presents videos demonstrating laboratory methods in the fields of cellular biology, developmental biology, microbiology, immunology, plant biology, medicine, and neuroscience.
  • Journal of Visualized Experiments: Neuroscience Collection (JOVE) (2006 to present)
    JoVE Neuroscience presents videos demonstrating techniques from a wide variety of fields, focusing on those intended to lend insight into the structure, function, physiology and pathophysiology of the central and peripheral nervous systems.
  • Kanopy Streaming Video
    Kanopy offers a broad selection of thousands of streaming films, documentaries, and theatrical releases covering a wide variety of subject areas, with additional new releases launched monthly. If close-captioning is not included, it can be requested. Interactive transcripts are included. Note that US feature films are not typically part of the Kanopy offerings.
Start with these recommended freely available resources in this discipline.

Indexing and organizing biological names

Encyclopedia of Life
Project to organize information on nearly 1.8 million known species of plants and animals

Translate journal abbreviation using JAbbr or All that JAS

    Orion on the dunes : a biography of Henry Beston (Payne, Daniel G., 1958-, author.) Frost Library; QH31.B48 P39 2016

    The correspondence of Charles Darwin (Darwin, Charles, 1809-1882.) Frost Library; QH31.D2 A33 1985

    Dynamical biostatistical models (Commenges, Daniel.) Science Library; QH323.5 .C6435 2016

    Data analysis for the life sciences with R (Irizarry, Rafael A., author.) Frost Library; QH323.5 .I75 2017

    A handbook of biological investigation Science Library; QH324 .A52 2007

    Biology and ideology from Descartes to Dawkins Frost Library; QH331 .B477 2010

    Reinventing biology : respect for life and the creation of knowledge Science Library; QH331 .R425 1995

    The book that changed America : how Darwin's theory of evolution ignited a nation (Fuller, Randall, 1963-, author.) Frost Library; QH365.O8 F85 2017

    Endless forms : species and speciation Science Library; QH380 .E54 1998

    Modern Prometheus : editing the human genome with Crispr-Cas9 (Kozubek, Jim.) Science Library; QH442.3 .K69 2016

    Dolly mixtures : the remaking of genealogy (Franklin, Sarah, 1960-) Science Library; QH442.6 .F73 2007

    The theory of ecological communities (Vellend, Mark, 1973-, author.) Science Library; QH541 .V425 2016

    The hidden life of trees : what they feel, how they communicate : discoveries from a secret world (Wohlleben, Peter, 1964-, author.) Frost Library; QK475 .W6413 2016

    Lions in the balance : man-eaters, manes, and men with guns (Packer, Craig, author.) Frost Library; QL737.C23 P32 2015

    Ice bear : the cultural history of an Arctic icon (Engelhard, Michael, 1959- author.) Frost Library; QL737.C27 E537 2017

    Elephant Don : the politics of a pachyderm posse (O'Connell, Caitlin, 1965-, author.) Frost Library; QL737.P98 O256 2016

    The evolution of culture in animals (Bonner, John Tyler.) Frost Library; QL775 .B58 x

    Staying with the trouble : making kin in the Chthulucene (Haraway, Donna Jeanne, author.) Frost Library; QL85 .H369 2016

    When species meet (Haraway, Donna Jeanne.) Science Library; QL85 .H37 2008

    Reconceiving infertility : biblical perspectives on procreation and childlessness (Moss, Candida R.) Frost Library; QP251 .M677 2015

    This won't hurt a bit (and other white lies) : my education in medicine and motherhood (Au, Michelle.) Frost Library; R134 .A9 2011

    Against all odds : celebrating black women in medicine (Emery, Crystal R., author.) Frost Library; R154 .E486 2015 x

    Lethal spots, vital secrets : medicine and martial arts in South India (Sieler, Roman, author.) Frost Library; R607.S68 S54 2015

    A popular essay on the disorder familiarly termed a cold (White, E. L.) Archives and Special Collections; RF361 .W55 1807

    Increase (Purpura, Lia, 1964-) Frost Library; RG526 .P87 2000

    Maternal brain plasticity : preclinical and human research and implications for intervention Frost Library; RG558 .M38 2016

    ADHD nation : children, doctors, big pharma, and the making of an American epidemic (Schwarz, Alan, 1968-) Frost Library; RJ506.H9 S39 2016

    Glow kids : how screen addiction is hijacking our kids--and how to break the trance (Kardaras, Nicholas, 1964-, author.) Frost Library; RJ506.I58 K37 2016

    Drug dealer, MD : how doctors were duped, patients got hooked, and why it's so hard to stop (Lembke, Anna, 1967-, author.) Frost Library; RM319 .L46 2016