Deceased June 26, 2013

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50th Reunion Book Entry

In Memory

Murray was raised on Long Island, N.Y. He followed his brother to Amherst, where he played varsity basketball all four years. At Harvard Business School, Murray graduated with the first class in a special Navy unit started at HBS. He served in the Pacific during World War II. Like most veterans, Murray rarely discussed the war.

After the war, Murray earned his C.P.A. degree. He worked in the finance and auditing departments of the Atomic Energy Commission for 25 years, starting in Oakland, Calif., then serving in Washington, Illinois and Nevada before reassignment to the Bay Area, where he eventually retired.

Murray’s childhood on Long Island Sound gave him a love of sailing, which he retained throughout his life. He was still able to “come about,” sailing solo, when he was well into his 80s. An avid bridge player, Murray was ready to “deal ’em” at any hour, day or night. He was an expert amateur carpenter and frequent traveler, and he loved to read, especially the classics. He had a great sense of humor, usually expressed quietly with an original choice of words making light fun of a situation. Murray was an easy companion, always patient and considerate of others, and a welcome guest at any social gathering.

Murray’s children and grandchildren include Mat ’69, Kristina ’08 and Nicole ’08.

Mat Green ’69 

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50th Reunion

MurrayGreen35b.png My first 50 years out have been steadily on the upgrade -- professionally, geographically, and emotionally. Of course, there have been the usual detours, delays, and equipment breakdowns en route. Some of the stops have been: hotel clerk, broker, salesman (New York), sailor (north and south Pacific), accountant/lumberman (Montana), auditor in government (Washington, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Utopia --San Francisco, for fifteen years prior to retirement in 1980).

Retirement has brought its own enjoyable activities, such as consumer advocacy and working in suicide prevention. Plus, traveling to see our sons in Oslo, London, and Phoenix; and trying to launch our two reluctant daughters.

And we are more appreciative of our good health every day.

Murray Green 35a.png For adventure, I travel to distant sons by military cargo planes, so routings and schedules are unpredictable. However, I hasten to add that the military types who are my companions on these flights are very relaxed, enjoy golf, and are good companions when we unexpectedly find ourselves stranded on a two-day "holiday" in Tulsa, Oklahoma or Jacksonville, Florida.

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