At Amherst, we set our students and graduates on a path to be engaged, effective, and innovative problem-solvers in their communities and workplaces. We support learning, inquiry, and action — inside and outside of the curriculum. “Learning by doing” takes many forms:

  • undergraduate research
  • laboratory and field experiences
  • courses that involve community work
  • study abroad
  • travel with a class
  • internships and fellowships
  • capstone projects
  • creative endeavors
  • involvement in student organizations

Building Community Through Academic Pursuits

We believe that community and friendships are an important part not only of college life, but of learning. Our students can choose from a wide range of immersive experiences, either independently or with a group or class. From trekking to Boston to learn about climate action careers, to spending the summer building a robot (named Eugene, who plays soccer), to traveling with a class to the rainforests of Costa Rica, Amherst students explore their ideas — and the world — together.

A large diverse group of students stand smiling in the Career Center

Career Exploration

With programs like the Charles Hamilton Houston Internship Program and a team of specialized advisors we can help you discover and prepare for opportunities to gain real-world experience.

Brunelleschi's Duomo in Florence Italy

Global Education

Travel halfway around the world, or stay closer by. Our Study Away programs provide academic, cultural, and linguistic immersion so that you can learn intensively wherever you choose to go.

Traveling Together for a Course

A group of students and their professor pose at a sign for a biological station in Costa Rica

Learning Around the Globe

On course-specific, College-funded trips, Amherst students go deeper into their studies while forging new friendships.

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two students volunteer at a kidney screening clinic

Community Engagement

We believe our students consolidate their learning most effectively — and gain the most from their education — by putting their ideas to work in the world.

a student presents work to a group of students in a lab


Amherst students work side-by-side with professors conducting important research. We provide opportunities during the school year and the summer, both paid and unpaid, and offer funding for theses.

a student paints a large abstract painting while two other students look on


Our collaborative workspaces have tools and resources to support every kind of innovative endeavor — entrepreneurial, artistic, scholarly, civic, or all the above. Work with friends or independently.