Financial Aid

We meet 100% of our students’ demonstrated need – for domestic and international students.

Financial Aid at Amherst

May 30, 2017

“The most rewarding part of the work that we get to do is to provide the resources that truly make an Amherst education affordable.” —Gail Holt, Dean of Financial Aid

We Can Do This, Together

We award more than $50 million in Amherst scholarships every year.  That’s money dedicated solely to meeting the financial need of our students.

Students leave Amherst with an extraordinary education, a long list of exceptional accomplishments, and the freedom to build their future without the burden of student loan debt.  71% of Amherst graduates in the Class of 2017 graduated with no student loan debt. 

This approach makes us distinctive. We are proud to say it also makes us a leader. Only a few colleges in the country can say what we can about financial aid:

Nearly 60% of our students receive financial aid. Our average financial aid award last year was more than $50,000. So the majority of our students pay less – often far less – than the cost of attendance.

Gail Holt, Dean of Financial Aid

Important Financial Aid End of Term Information and Deadlines

Important Financial Aid Reminders:


Missing Sibling Enrollment Verification Forms

For students on financial aid who have not yet submitted the required Verification of Sibling Enrollment forms, there will be a hold placed on your registration for the Spring Semester. Please submit your forms as soon as possible in order to register for spring courses. If your sibling did not enroll in school this fall, you must still notify the Office of Financial Aid.


Refunds and Study Abroad Payments 

It may take up to a week and a half for the College to issue checks for student refunds or study abroad payments. If you need a credit refund, or if you have a study abroad payment due and are expecting financial aid to cover the costs, please allow time for processing, issuing, and mailing payments.


Study Abroad Paperwork

If you are planning to study abroad for the Spring Semester and have not yet turned in your required paperwork, please do so immediately. Revising requests and issuing payments requires time. Please let us know if your study abroad plans have changed in order to update our records accordingly.


Outstanding Outside Scholarships

If you have an outside scholarship that the College has not yet received, please contact the scholarship agency to follow up with any missing materials or to request payment.  Outstanding scholarships from the Fall Semester can interfere with your Spring Semester registration.


Last Day for Assistance for Medical Costs for Fall Semester

High need students eligible for assistance with medical costs – please note the last day for assistance with medical expenses and copays for the fall semester is December 22.  Students are responsible for medical costs (prescriptions copays, emergency dental care, glasses, doctor and ER co-pays, etc.) incurred during the term break. Students who will be enrolled for the spring semester become eligible for assistance as of the January 22, 2018.


Spring Semester Credits/Refunds

If you anticipate a spring semester credit due to your financial aid, please note spring semester credits will not be not available until the first day of the spring semester, which is January 22nd.

If you have questions, please contact our office at 542-2296 or visit us at B5 Converse Hall.


The Financial Aid Portal

Current students and applicants for admission can check the status of their financial aid application, view award information and important messages through our online financial aid portal. 

My Intuition Quick College Cost Estimator

Quick Cost Estimator

The MyinTuition tool will give you an early cost estimate using six basic financial questions. 

También está disponible en español.

Immigration Resources

Resources for Undocumented and DACAmented Students

Legal, educational, on campus, and regional resources for undocumented students.