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No matter where you are in the world, you can show you’re a proud member of the Amherst College community! At the College’s official online store,, you’ll find a wide range of apparel and collectibles, from t-shirts and jackets to mugs and hats.

On-Campus Store


Mammoth Market at Schwemm’s Cafe is located in Keefe Campus Center and offers an array of items, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, scarves, mugs and other products. In January 2023, the space was refreshed and expanded to better serve the campus community as a market. The hot food items previously sold at Schwemm’s Cafe are now available at the Science Center Cafe.

At this time, the Mammoth Market is an in-store-only option and cannot accommodate online orders. The goal of the campus store is to provide great merchandise to students and the Amherst community at a reasonable price. The College intentionally keeps price points low for students and the on-campus community. 



The Wheely Mammoth loves to charge onto campus for events such as Commencement, Homecoming, Reunion, athletic events, and during times when the Mammoth Market is closed. Run and staffed by the College, it offers most of the same merchandise found at Schwemm’s Mammoth Market (T-shirts, pennants, mugs and more!). In 2023, a campus-wide contest was held to name the trailer. Deanine Dilworth ’23 (pictured above) suggested “Wheely Mammoth,” which won handily because it’s, you know, the wheel deal.

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