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We’re committed to making an Amherst education affordable to every admitted student.

Under our need-blind admission policy, your family’s financial circumstances will never affect whether you’re admitted or not.

With our generous, no-loan financial aid packages, the majority of our students pay less—often far less—than the cost of attendance.

Our financial aid program is well known as one of the country’s best. Here’s why:

  • Amherst is need-blind for both domestic and international applicants.
    No matter where in the world you live, Amherst will make your admission decision without considering whether you apply for aid or to what degree you have financial need.
  • Amherst meets the full demonstrated need of every admitted student.
    If your family shows that it can pay only a small portion of tuition and costs—or maybe none at all—Amherst pays the rest.
  • Amherst offers generous scholarships.
    This academic year, Amherst is providing more than $50 million in scholarship aid to 55 percent of the student body. The average financial aid award was $53,577 in 2017-18.
  • Amherst students can graduate debt-free.
    In our financial aid packages, we’ve replaced all loans with scholarship grants, making Amherst one of the few colleges and universities in the country that do not require students to take on student loans in order to pay for their undergraduate educations.
  • Amherst has a strong commitment to enrolling U.S. veterans.
    Amherst participates in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Yellow Ribbon Program without caps on the number of Yellow Ribbon spaces or contribution per student.
  • Amherst partners with QuestBridge.
    QuestBridge is an organization that connects talented, low-income students to elite colleges and universities.

My Intuition Quick College Cost Estimator

Quick Cost Estimator

The MyinTuition tool will give you an early cost estimate using six basic financial questions. 

También está disponible en español.

Tools and Information

  • Office of Financial Aid
    Learn more about Amherst financial aid, outside scholarships and student employment.
  • Quick Pass Application Fee Waiver
    Are you a QuestBridge candidate, a first-generation student, a student from a family with very limited income, a veteran or currently serving in the US Armed Forces? Take our quiz to see if you qualify for a Quick Pass waiver of the application fee.
  • Financial Aid Calculator
    Input your family’s financial information to determine what your financial aid award may look like.
  • Tuition, Fees & Other Costs
    See a breakdown of the total cost of attending Amherst.

Expanded Eligibility for Application Fee Waivers

As part of our institutional commitment to expanded college access for students from all backgrounds, Amherst has added two new eligibility options for our Quick Pass application fee waiver, now extended to cover all first-generation applicants and all applicants from families with household incomes below $65,000. Fill out our fast-and-easy Quick Pass questionnaire to see if you qualify for our application fee waiver.

Affording Amherst

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Find more details in our “Affording Amherst” brochure.