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Still beautiful #EverythingTheLightTouches #AmherstCollege #MemorialHill You know you want to be here! #summertime #thequad #AmherstCollege From vale to Val. #BookAndPlowFarm #haybales #ValentineHall #dining ... Another one #GhostSculpture #AmherstCollege #SummerPrograms #nofilters #GhostSculpture #AmherstCollege #nofilters #SummerPrograms Change is in the air! #GreenwayProject #ResidenceHalls #AmherstCollege ... You know exactly where this picture was taken, right? #AmherstCollege ... Who said campus is quiet over the summer? #AmherstCollege #summertime ...

Valentine Hall Menu

Little dining hall traffic

Monday, 8/3

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Cage Free Scrambled Eggs; Cage Free Fried Egg; Cage Free Hard Boiled Egg; Uncured Bacon; Breakfast Sausage Patty; Texas Toast French Toast; Rosemary Roasted Potatoes; Red Grapes

Pastry Selection

Assorted Bagels; English Muffin; Blueberry Muffin



3 Bean Chili

Lighter Side

Grilled Chicken Breast; Roasted Vegetable Vegan Ravioli; Steamed Kale; Roasted Vegetables; Brown Rice; Marinara Sauce; Whole Wheat Pasta


Tortellini w/ Pesto, Chicken & Broccoli; Breaded Cheese Ravioli; Sausage and Broccoli Ravioli; Fresh Marinara Sauce; Steamed Peas; Garlic Bread


Ovengold Turkey Breast; Sweet Sliced Ham; White American Cheese; White Cheddar Cheese; Swiss Cheese; Tuna Salad


Chocolate Chip Cookie


Cheese Pizza; Pepperoni Pizza



Blackened Catfish; Creole Chicken; Steamed Broccoli; Rice Pilaf

Lighter Side

Fresh Catch of the Day; Grilled Chicken Breast; Thai Curried Chickpeas; Steamed Broccoli; Steamed Collard Greens; Baked Potato; Brown Rice


Marinara Sauce; Bolognese Sauce; Alfredo Cheese Sauce; Spaghetti; Whole Wheat Pasta


3 Bean Chili


Bread Pudding


Cheese Pizza; Pepperoni Pizza

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You Could Lose Valuable Data - an Announcement about Windows 10

Microsoft plans to release the latest version of their operating system, Windows 10, on July 29. We currently recommend that you do not upgrade to Windows 10 for any computer used to access Amherst College systems. Please decline any requests from Microsoft to reserve or download a copy of the software. Read more...

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Thursday, August 6th

"It's Cool at the Mead" Gallery Talk

Sunday, August 9th

"It's Cool at the Mead" Gallery Talk

Thursday, August 20th

It's Cool at the Mead gallery talk

Sunday, August 23rd

It's Cool at the Mead gallery talk

Monday, September 7th

Opening Convocation
7:30pm - 8:30pm

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Scholarly Spotlight

Horton Honored for Excellence in Teaching Statistics

The Special Interest Group of the Mathematical Association of America on Statistics Education has granted Nicholas Horton, professor of statistics, the Robert V. Hogg Award for Excellence in Teaching Introductory Statistics.The award recognizes Horton as an individual who exhibits both excellence and growth in teaching introductory statistics. He was presented with the award last month at the 2015 Joint Mathematics Meetings in San Antonio, Texas.


PVTA Bus Schedules

Stops near the college during the next 24 hours are listed below. Last updated at 6:10pm

30 - North Amherst / Old Belchertown Rd

North Amherst

Leaves Churchill Street (105) at:
6:24p, 7:24p, 8:24p, 9:24p, 10:54p

Old Belchertown Road

Leaves Amherst Town Hall (110) at:
6:56p, 7:56p, 8:55p, 9:55p, 7:26a

31 - Sunderland / South Amherst

South Amherst

Leaves Amherst Common (S) (113) at:
7:01p, 8:11p, 9:21p, 10:41p, 11:51p

University of Massachusetts

Leaves Amherst Common (N) (112) at:
7:20p, 8:30p, 9:40p, 11:00p, 12:10p

36 - Olympia Dr / Atkins C.

Olympia Drive Via E. Pleasent St

Leaves Amherst Common (N) (112) at:
6:19p, 7:04p, 7:49p, 8:34a, 9:19a

Atkins Farm

Leaves Amherst Common (S) (113) at:
6:33p, 7:18p, 8:03a, 8:48a, 9:33a

45 - Belchertown Center / UMass

University of Massachusetts

Leaves Churchill Street (105) at:
6:47p, 8:17p, 7:37a, 8:37a, 1:27p

Belchertown Center via Gatehouse Road

Leaves Amherst Town Hall (110) at:
7:16p, 6:36a, 7:46a, 12:26p, 4:21p

B43 - Northampton/Hadley/Amherst

Amherst College via UMass

Leaves Amherst Common (S) (113) at:
6:15p, 7:15p, 8:15p, 9:07p, 9:52p

Amherst College via UMass

Leaves Amherst College (116) at:
6:18p, 6:20p, 7:18p, 7:20p, 8:18p

Northampton via Hampshire Mall

Leaves Amherst Common (N) (112) at:
6:21p, 7:21p, 8:21p, 9:21p, 10:01p

R29 - Amherst/Holyoke via Route 116

Amherst via Route116

Leaves Amherst Common (N) (112) at:
6:45p, 8:45a, 10:45a, 12:45p, 2:45p

Holyoke Mall via Route 116

Leaves Amherst Common (S) (113) at:
7:05p, 9:05a, 11:05a, 1:05p, 3:05p