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Wednesday, 5/25

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Cage Free Hard Boiled Egg; Ancient Grain Hot Cereal; Maine Rolled Oats; Fresh Fruit Salad; Applesauce; Greek Yogurt Plain; Nonfat Plain Yogurt

Pastry Selection

English Muffin; Assorted Bagels



Roast Beef; Ovengold Turkey Breast; Sweet Sliced Ham; Tuna Salad; Egg Salad; White American Cheese; White Cheddar Cheese; Swiss Cheese; Blue Corn Tortilla Chips; Cape Cod Kettle Chips


Butterscotch Blondie


Bread Selection

Garlic Bread


Vegan Espresso Brownies; Limoncello Cake

Lighter Side

Fresh Catch of the Day; Greens and Beans; Steamed Broccoli; Baked Sweet Potato; Grilled Chicken Breast; Farro (Emmer); Brown Rice


Marinara Sauce; Bolognese Sauce; Alfredo Cheese Sauce; Penne Pasta; Whole Wheat Pasta


Cheese Pizza; Pepperoni Pizza


Tuscan White Bean Soup


Lasagna Alla Caprese; Roast Chicken in Porcini Sauce; Gnocchi alle Verdure; Steamed Broccoli

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Scholarly Spotlight

Horton Honored for Excellence in Teaching Statistics

The Special Interest Group of the Mathematical Association of America on Statistics Education has granted Nicholas Horton, professor of statistics, the Robert V. Hogg Award for Excellence in Teaching Introductory Statistics.The award recognizes Horton as an individual who exhibits both excellence and growth in teaching introductory statistics. He was presented with the award last month at the 2015 Joint Mathematics Meetings in San Antonio, Texas.


PVTA Bus Schedules

Stops near the college during the next 24 hours are listed below. Last updated at 6:45pm

30 - North Amherst / Old Belchertown Rd

Old Belchertown Road

Leaves Amherst Town Hall (110) at:
6:56p, 7:56p, 8:56p, 9:56p, 10:56p

North Amherst

Leaves Churchill Street (105) at:
7:24p, 8:24p, 9:24p, 10:24p, 11:24p

31 - Sunderland / South Amherst

South Amherst

Leaves Amherst Common (S) (113) at:
7:01p, 8:11p, 9:21p, 10:31p, 11:41p


Leaves Amherst Common (N) (112) at:
7:20p, 8:30p, 9:40p, 10:50p, 12:00p

36 - Olympia Dr / Atkins Corner

Olympia Drive via E. Pleasent St

Leaves Amherst Common (N) (112) at:
7:04p, 7:49p, 8:34a, 9:19a, 10:04a

Atkins Farm

Leaves Amherst Common (S) (113) at:
7:18p, 8:03a, 8:48a, 9:33a, 10:18a

45 - Belchertown Center / UMass


Leaves Churchill Street (105) at:
6:47p, 8:17p, 7:37a, 8:37a, 10:52a

Belchertown Center via Gatehouse Road

Leaves Amherst Town Hall (110) at:
7:16p, 6:36a, 7:46a, 9:56a, 12:31p

B43 - Northampton/Hadley/Amherst

Amherst College via UMass

Leaves Amherst Common (S) (113) at:
7:15p, 8:15p, 9:07p, 9:52p, 10:36p

Amherst College via UMass

Leaves Amherst College (116) at:
7:18p, 7:20p, 8:18p, 8:20p, 9:08p

Northampton via Hampshire Mall

Leaves Amherst Common (N) (112) at:
7:21p, 8:21p, 9:21p, 10:01p, 11:11p

R29 - Amherst/Holyoke via Route 116

Holyoke Mall via Route 116

Leaves Amherst Common (S) (113) at:
7:05p, 9:05a, 11:05a, 1:05p, 3:05p

Amherst via Route116

Leaves Amherst Common (N) (112) at:
8:45a, 10:45a, 12:45p, 2:45p, 4:45p