Services for Academic Support

Amherst College offers a variety of services to support students’ academic efforts.  In addition to taking advantage of our faculty’s teaching and advising, students can augment their academic work  through these services: Quantitative Skills; Peer Tutoring; Time Management and Writing Counseling; Academic and English-as-Second-Language (ESL) Writing Services; Academic Services for Students with Disabilities; Reading Skills Instruction and Workshop Series; and Math Review (Interterm). Students who have used these support services have consistently and highly recommended them.

Tutorial Services

The Moss Quantitative Center provides walk-in tutorial services. Faculty-approved tutors are available to work with students who want to improve their conceptual understanding in math, science and economics courses. Jennifer Innes, the director of the Moss Quantitative Center, works with students who want to fortify study habits and improve problem-solving skills. The Moss Quantitative Center is located in Room 202 of Merrill Science Center and may be reached at 413-542-8331.

Peer Tutoring is available to students, free of charge, who are enrolled in Amherst courses and, for a variety of reasons, find themselves in need of tutorial assistance. Peer tutors are approved by faculty in the following disciplines: Arabic, Biology, Chinese, Computer Science, Economics, French, German, Greek, Latin, Music, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology, Russian and Spanish. Students who are concerned about their academic performance are advised to discuss their concerns with the professor in the course. Therefore, students interested in working with peer tutors must first receive the approval of their professors. The Peer Tutoring Program is overseen by the Office of Student Affairs located in Room 201 of Converse Hall and may be reached at 413-542-2337. A member of the staff is available for short-term counseling sessions to help students address problems that impede academic progress, e.g., procrastination, time mismanagement, competing priorities (academic and social) and related issues. 

Academic Writing Services

At the Writing Center, professional writing instructors are available to help students with their writing, in one-on-one sessions, as well as in small-group workshops.  Students may consult the writing staff about any aspect of the writing process: getting started, developing and organizing ideas, refining the thesis and argument, writing with more clarity, energy and confidence, managing time, approaching long projects, writing research papers, and dealing with writing anxiety. Students can make appointments via the Writing Center on-line scheduler at the Writing Center web site.

Writing English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) 

is a program that provides international students with English and English as a Second Language support. ESL instructors provide opportunities for students to participate in private or small group sessions to review written work, review grammar and syntax, or to practice pronunciation. They also offer guidance in the conventions of American academic writing. Students can make appointments through the Writing Center web site.

Time Management and Writing Counseling

The Office of Student Affairs provides for short-term counseling sessions that help students address problems impeding their academic progress, e.g., procrastination, time mismanagement, competing priorities (academic and social) and related issues. For an appointment, call 413-542-2337.

Senior Writing Associate Kristen Brookes offers individualized Writing Counseling sessions that address the interrelated problems of procrastination, writing anxiety, frustration, and writer’s block. For a Writing Counseling appointment, use the Writing Center on-line scheduler at the Writing Center. For more information about this service, contact Kristen Brookes,

Reading Skills Instruction and Workshop Series

The Writing Center offers a series of workshops to help students read more effectively and efficiently, as well as to develop strategies for managing a heavy reading load. In the Fall, a workshop on Active Reading will focus on reading in order to understand and respond intelligently to the arguments of others. During Interterm and again in the Spring, a series of workshops will cover a wide range of reading strategies and offer approaches to several sorts of challenges posed by college-level reading. Students can learn more about and register for workshops via the Writing Center web site. Individual instruction in reading is also available from the Writing Center’s professional staff; for more information, contact Kristen Brookes,

Math Review During Winter Break

Amherst students have an opportunity to work on specific math skills in a non-credit course arranged with the Math Counselor in the Moss Quantitative Center. For information, students should contact Timothy St. Onge,

The Amherst College Library’s Course & Research Support for Students

The Frost Library helps students in many ways: expert librarians are available at the Reference Desk in the Main Library, the Music and Science Libraries and in Archives & Special Collections. This friendly staff offers students individual assistance in using all Library resources. Students with brief reference questions may email the Library staff via the “Ask Us” website (, or they may telephone the appropriate branch. Students who are seeking more in-depth research planning should contact to arrange individual appointments.

Academic Support for Students with Disabilities

Students with documented disabilities may be provided with a variety of academic support services.  Available academic support services include in-class notetakers, scribesreaders and audio books.   Please visit the Accessibility web site for more detailed information. For an appointment, call 413-542-2337.