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The Office of Fellowships advises Amherst College students and alumni on numerous competitive awards that can be applied to a variety of academic and personal goals. We administer competitions for externally funded, inter/nationally competitive awards that often require institutional endorsement of applicants. We help you identify the best grant opportunities, guide you through the application process, and provide writing feedback and interview coaching.

The office also administers internal awards that fund graduate study or independent training in the performing arts for graduating seniors and alumni within six years of graduation.

What types of fellowships are offered?

There are two categories: Amherst College (internal) fellowships and inter/national (external) fellowships.

AC Fellowships
(FOR Grad Study or Arts Training)

These support the pursuit of graduate degrees through full-time study. AC Fellowships are open to graduating seniors, and to alums who have graduated within the last six years from Amherst College.

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Inter/national Fellowships
(FOR all class years & Alums)

These are merit-based, competitive, opportunities funded by governments, individual philanthropists and private organizations. They fund travel, graduate study, or independent research abroad.

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How do I apply?

For most inter/nationally competitive fellowships, students embark on a long application process with several stages including internal selection for endorsement.

Consult our Application Deadlines page to see the timeline for each fellowship's application process. The application process for Amherst College Fellowships is more straightforward.

Learn about the steps for applying for each of these types of awards under How to Apply

Here are a few resources to help you as you prepare fellowship applications.

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For Recommendation Writers

Recommendation letters are critical to the success of fellowship applications. We've compiled some suggestions for writing effective letters of recommendation specifically for fellowships. We are also happy to give feedback on letters.