Visiting Amherst

First-Year Quad

Formal visits -- both in-person and virtual -- for Fall 2021 have concluded, but check back later for more offerings to come in the spring semester.

Thank you for your interest in visiting Amherst College! We were delighted to welcome visitors to our beautiful campus for visits during the summer and fall, as well as offer virtual visits for those unable to travel. Our student tour guides and our admission officers were thrilled to be engaging once again with prospective applicants and their families.

With our student tour guides now busy finishing up their course work and preparing for final exams next month, and our admission staff fully occupied reviewing applications, we have concluded our formal visitor programs for the season. We will be offering a new series of virtual and in-person visits in the spring, so please be sure to check back again in late January/early February for more information.

Explore campus informally on your own

Although formal visits are not currently available, you are welcome to enjoy a walk through campus. During your visit, you can follow our self-guided online virtual tour, access our interactive campus map, download a print campus map,  or pick up printed copies of our campus map and our "Exploring Amherst" self-guided tour booklet from the visitor box outside the front door of Amherst's Wilson Admission Center.

Health and safety protocols for campus visitors.  To ensure the continued health and safety of our visitors and our college community, a number of protocols have been instituted for on-campus visits, specifically:

  • Visitors are welcome to explore campus grounds only, not the interior of College buildings. All campus buildings remain closed to visitors.
  • Visitors to the Amherst campus are not required to wear facemasks during their visit, but everyone is expected to maintain six feet of physical distance whenever possible and to respect the masking preferences of others when interacting outdoors without six feet of physical distance.
  • Anyone experiencing symptoms that could be COVID-related (e.g., cold, flu, other respiratory illness) or who has been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID should not visit campus.

View our Campus Tour and Student Conversations Videos

Join three Amherst students -- Alexandre, Clara and Lauren -- to explore our beautiful campus and learn more about academic and student life in our extraordinary college community. And hear our summer student interns talk about their experiences at Amherst. Just scroll down this page a little to find the videos.

More Ways to Learn about Amherst

There's more than one way to learn about Amherst.... and there's a lot to learn! We encourage you to explore online through the College website. You can also learn more about student life at Amherst by reading our student blogs and the profiles of our tour guides and diversity outreach interns. You might find someone from your home state, or from the other side of the world. Your interests might be similar, or very different. Amherst students inhabit many worlds --  academic, artistic, athletic, political, social and much, much more. Many of their interests overlap, intersect and diverge in exciting ways. It's typical at Amherst to meet an English major who’s fascinated by physics. Or a basketball player who loves philosophy. Or a computer whiz who plays saxophone and flute and has decided to try percussion. Amherst students come in lots of varieties!

And don’t forget our accomplished faculty. You can read faculty profiles to learn more about the teaching and research of these talented and fascinating people who will be part of your Amherst world.

We also invite you to view our series of student-faculty video panels on what teaching, learning, and living is like within the Amherst College community.

There's a lot to know about us, so time to get started exploring!

Keeping in Touch

Although the Admission Office building remains closed to visitors in compliance with on-campus Covid protocols, we are here to answer your questions during our regular business hours (Monday-Friday, 8:30 am - 4:00 pm), so please don't hesitate to contact us, either by phone (413-542-2328) or email ( We want to be certain you have the information you need, so don't hesitate to get in touch!

We are thinking of you in these challenging days and sending our best wishes for the health and well-being of you, your family, your friends and your community. Looking forward to welcoming you to a virtual or in-person visit next spring.

Campus Tour Video

Welcome to Amherst College

Join three Amherst students — Alexandre, Clara and Lauren — to explore our beautiful campus and learn more about academic and student life in our extraordinary college community. (Note: This video contains footage and images taken before the pandemic.)

Admission Summer Conversations

Our summer interns talk about their experiences at Amherst. They discuss making Amherst a second home, orientation activities, first-year seminar & open curriculum, student support resources, and affinity groups and clubs.