The Class Deans: Who We Are



Rick López: Dean for the Class of 2022 and new transfer students; Dean of New Students &  Professor of History & Environmental Studies


                                                     Jess Caldwell-O'Keefe: Dean for the Class of 2021; Senior Associate Dean of Students


Ethan Clotfelter


Ethan Clotfelter: Dean for the Class of 2020; Class Dean & Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies




Charri Boykin-East: Dean for the Class of 2019; Senior Associate Dean of Students


What We Do

The Office of Student Affairs supports a Class Dean System which does the following:

  • Provides a Dean who is dedicated to the oversight and stewardship of each class year.
  • Offers direct personal attention to each student.
  • Establishes one-on-one relationships between the students and their class dean.
  • Helps students develop educational goals and complete their graduation requirements.
  • Collaborates with Faculty to support student success in the classroom.
  • Facilitates access to academic and non-academic support services.
  • Supports student transitions as they navigate their undergraduate years.
  • Helps students successfully complete their academic career and personal goals.

The deans and assistants in the Student Affairs offices in Converse are valuable sources of information on a wide range of topics. The office serves as a place for students to begin seeking assistance and answers to their questions related to college life. All students would benefit from getting to know members of the Office of Student Affairs.

Contact Information for the Class Deans

If you need to contact the Class Deans please use the following methods:

To contact Dean Lopez and Dean Boykin-East:

email Chris Moulton at


call the Office of Student Affairs using extension 2337

To contact Dean Clotfelter and Dean Caldwell-O'Keefe:

email Michelle Welles at


call the Office of Student Affairs using extension 2337