Deceased December 2017

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In Memory

Stan Lipton died in December. He is remembered as a young and vibrant friend while at Amherst. He won a varsity letter and proudly wore his letter sweater as part of his daily attire. Besides taking really good care of his hair—he never went bald—he had an infectious giggle and a bright, smiling visage.

Stan attended Harvard Law School. After graduation he volunteered for six months of active duty in the Air Force Reserve. He went to work as a lawyer after his release, and his career was progressing nicely when, in May 1963, his father, also a lawyer, suffered a stroke. Stan immediately left the firm he was with and rescued his father’s solo practice.

Stan’s secretary recalls that he lived alone in Great Neck, N.Y., and was happy to tell her many of his life’s stories. His fondest memories were of Amherst. He treasured his Amherst days and saved all the memorabilia from each reunion. He was quite upset to miss the 60th reunion, having attended a family wedding that weekend. She is certain that he was looking forward to attending the next one.

Through the years Stan loved the theater and saw many Broadway shows. He had an extensive collection of all varieties of music. He loved to travel and did so frequently. He was cultured and visited museums and attended concerts and ballets throughout the world. He attended a concert a few days before his death.

Stan is survived by a son and a daughter.

Ed Gilbert ’57
Bruce Watson ’57