Deceased September 15, 2018

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In Memory

Ronald Sherman died peacefully Sept. 15. from complications of Parkinson’s disease. He is survived by his wife of 39 years, Trish McEvoy, and by his sister and twin brother, as well as their spouses and many nieces and nephews.

Ron came to Amherst from Englewood (N.J.) High School, where he was class valedictorian and captained the tennis team. At Amherst, he majored in biology and pledged Chi Phi. Ron was sports editor of the Olio, worked on the Student and joined the Premedical Club.

After graduating from New York University Medical School in 1962 and interning at Montefiore Hospital, Ron served two years as a physician in the U.S. Coast Guard, traveling extensively and, according to his memoir in our 25th reunion class book, learning “that the real world, unlike Amherst, is coed—a discovery that at the time seemed sufficiently remarkable to require extensive research.”

Following his U.S. Coast Guard service, Ron completed his residency in dermatology at Mt. Sinai Hospital, becoming a diplomate of the National Board of Dermatology.

“For the next 10 years,” Ron wrote in 1983, “I operated a private practice, taught dermatology at Mt. Sinai and lived as an unshakably confirmed bachelor.” Bachelorhood ended when he met, collaborated with and married Patricia “Trish” McEvoy, a skin care specialist and makeup artist. “To believe our own press clippings,” Ron wrote, “Trish and I run a glittering business catering to the world’s top models and theatrical personalities as well as the general public.” However, he reported, no matter how beautiful the patient, psoriasis is still just psoriasis, especially at 8 a.m.

In later years, Ron reduced his practice to enjoy long weekends with Trish at their Southampton summer home, relaxing and reading Russian history and biographies. After his diagnosis, he and Trish became fervent supporters of the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

Ned Megargee ’58