European Economic Take-Off in Global Perspective, c. 1050-1750

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Reference (background information)

  • Reference Universe
    Searchable index of the library's entire reference collection, both print and electronic.

Databases (scholarly literature)

Primary Sources

Follow this link for the brainstorming primary sources activity.

  • EEBO: Early English Books Online (1473-1700)
    Full text of over 125,000 titles listed in Pollard & Redgrave's Short-Title Catalogue (1475-1640), Wing's Short-Title Catalogue (1641-1700), and the Thomason Tracts (1640-1661).
  • Electronic Enlightenment (18th century)
    Full text of over 53,000 letters and documents from the best critical editions.
  • Making of the Modern World (1450-1914)
    Primary source materials (including broadsides and pamphlets, serials, and monographs) tracing British and US economic history from 1450-1914
  • Internet Medieval Sourcebook - Economic Life
    The Internet History Sourcebooks Project is a collection of public domain and copy-permitted historical texts presented cleanly (without advertising or excessive layout) for educational use.
  • WorldCat
    Search thousands of library catalogs for books and more.
  • National Archives (UK) - Ledgers of Imports and Exports
    See this PDF as an example of sources from the National Archives.
  • East India Company (Adam Matthew trial, available 4/7 - 5/5/2018)
    East India Company offers access to a unique collection of India Office Records from the British Library, London. Containing royal charters, correspondence, trading diaries, minutes of council meetings and reports of expeditions, among other document types, this resource charts the history of British trade and rule in the Indian subcontinent and beyond from 1595 to 1947. 
  • Global Commodoties: Trade, Exploration, and Cultural Exchange (Adam Matthew trial, available 4/7 - 5/5/2018) 
    This resource brings together manuscript, printed and visual primary source materials for the study of global commodities in world history. 
  • Virginia Company Archives (Adam Matthew trial, available 4/7 - 5/5/2018)
    This resource documents the founding and economic development of Virginia as seen through the papers of the Virginia Company of London, 1606-1624. It shows the continuing interest of the Ferrar family in the settlement of North America from Jamestown to the Bermudas and provides a rich source for the study of trade between Britain and America.