"Mistaken for Consensus: The Allen Charge and the End of Jury Deliberation"

LJST "Law's Mistakes" Lecture Series

March 3, 2014 - 4:30 pm
Clark House, Room 100

On Monday, March 3, at 4:45 p.m. in Room 100 of Clark House, Sonali Chakravarti, assistant professor of government at Wesleyan University, will present a paper entitled “Mistaken for Consensus: The Allen Charge and the End of Jury Deliberation.” This is the third presentation in a series of seminars that will take place this year on the theme “Law’s Mistakes.”

Professor Chakravarti’s publications include her new book "Sing the Rage: Listening to Anger after Mass Violence" (Chicago, 2014). Her other works on emotions, transitional justice and the law have appeared in "Constellations," "Theory & Event," and "Law, Culture, and Humanities." She is currently working on projects about the jury system and about new models for thinking about whistle-blowing and civil disobedience.

To receive a copy of the paper being presented, which examines cases in which the Allen charge was at issue, please email the LJST department coordinator at mlestes@amherst.edu.

This event is co-sponsored by The Lamont Lecture Fund.

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