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Beneski Earth Sciences Building, Paino Lecture Hall (Room 107)
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This is a ONE-DAY workshop for sophomores and juniors interested in learning more about the finance industry and exploring potential careers in finance.

Note: This is the same material that was covered in the "Introduction to the Finance Industry" workshop series held Feb. 1-5, 2021. If you attended that course and would like a refresher, or if you were unable to attend, this is a great opportunity to get up to speed on the career paths in the finance industry. The typical nine-week workshop series will be held in the spring semester for first-year students and any other interested students.

This workshop will be led by Stephanie Hockman, the Loeb Center’s program director for the Traub Careers in Business and Finance program. The series is designed to help students explore and understand the finance industry, learn industry jargon, consider the intersection of industry players, and distinguish the nuances of roles and responsibilities in the industry.

Topics covered during this one-day workshop include:
1. Overview of the Finance Industry, finance terms, and interaction between the economy and finance
2. Overview of the Sell-Side Investment Bank and potential roles, including investment banking (coverage and product), Sales & Trading, Research, and support functions (e.g. legal, compliance, risk management, human capital management)
3. Overview of the Buy-Side of the Industry and the various investment vehicles, including:
• Asset Management/Investment Management
• Hedge Funds
• FinTech
• Insurance
• Real Estate
• Private Equity (including venture capital, growth equity and LBOs)
4. Overview of Private Wealth Management
5. Role of Institutional Investors in the finance ecosystem
6. Next steps if considering further exploration of careers in finance

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