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Frost Library, CHI THINK TANK

The remarkable performances of chatbots like ChatGPT have arguably made the classic Turing Test for machine intelligence obsolete; chatGPT’s ability to participate in convincing human-like conversation is uncanny. But are we any closer to artificial general intelligence? To AIs with minds? In this talk, Laura Sizer will explore some of the ways that generative language models like ChatGPT do and do not behave like human minds and what capacities they would need to get closer to being truly minded.

Laura Sizer is Senior Lecturer of Philosophy at Mount Holyoke College. Sizer has broad interests in philosophy of mind, cognitive science and applied ethics, including neuroethics and environmental ethics. She is particularly interested in questions at the intersections of ethics and the sciences. Sizer's recent research has focused on happiness, well-being and what it means to live a "good life." Her current research looks at the roles of affect (emotions and moods) in our aesthetic experiences. She is also interested in topics in neuroethics such as the ethics of cognitive and affective enhancement.

This event is co-sponsored by the Artificial Intelligence in the Liberal Arts initiative at Amherst College.

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