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Factoring Integers Using Quantum Computers 

Joe Kraisler (Amherst College)

Abstract: Factoring large numbers is notoriously difficult, even with the help of a computer and state-of-the-art algorithms. In fact, if you could factor large integers into their prime components efficiently, you could break the security systems that websites use to protect users' credit card information (and become quite rich). In 1994 Peter Shor developed an algorithm which runs on a "quantum computer" in "polynomial time." In this talk, I will discuss what a quantum computer is and what basic logical operations it can perform, and use Shor's algorithm to factor the number 15. The talk will assume some basic facts from linear algebra.

Bio: Joe Kraisler is an assistant professor of mathematics. He works in applied analysis, partial differential equations and spectral theory with applications to quantum mechanics and quantum optics.

3:45 p.m. refreshments in SMUD 208; 4 p.m. talk in SMUD 206

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