Deceased March 7, 2010

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In Memory

Angus died unexpectedly on March 7 at his home in St. Paul, his longtime hometown. He had been an investment counselor in the Twin Cities for more than 40 years, concluding his business career with retirement from Smith Barney in Minneapolis in 2003.

Upon graduation from Amherst, Angus entered active duty in the U.S Air Force; he underwent flight training, and, in May 1956, he married Marjorie Gillespie (Smith ’55). Marge then accompanied Angus to Western Europe, where he was to serve as a pilot, flying both multi-engine turboprop transports and jet fighter aircraft while stationed, primarily, in France.

Completion of active service permitted Angus and Marge to head to St. Paul, where Angus entered the investment business. They settled there and raised three wonderful children, daughters Susie and Sara ’88 and a son, Angus, Jr. ’85.

Recently, his daughter Susie wrote: “What a bright, warm, fun, funny, enthusiastic, good-natured and sporting guy he was! Dad connected with people in his life on many playing fields—travel, business, and more literally, ball fields and courts and golf courses. His love for sports gave Dad a way to connect with many of us through his entire life.”

Years ago, Angus undertook a role of civic leadership that exemplified his understanding of the role of “community” in a broad sense. In 1966, Angus coalesced essential broad sponsorship and created “The Minnesota Golf Classic,” a true major league event bringing Minneapolis and St. Paul together when such an image, and what it could represent, would truly be essential.

Angus was preceded in death in 2004 by Marge, his wife of 48 years. He is survived by his three children and four grandchildren.

Dick Strand ’55