Deceased January 24, 2023

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In Memory

While at Friends School of Baltimore, Jack visited Amherst and fell in love with the campus. It was a life-changing experience. When Dick Baughman ’55 and Mal Brickett ’55 were informed their third roommate freshman year would be “G. Jackson Phillips Jr. from Baltimore,” they were prepared for unusual experiences, especially when Jack would rifle a lacrosse ball at the fire alarm in James.

Jack majored in chemistry-biology and joined Beta, where he was choregus. John Halsted ’55 said, “Jack loved to sing and had a good voice. He performed at most of our Beta and ’55 reunions.” Jack played varsity lacrosse for three years after it was upgraded to formal status sophomore year. He was its co-captain senior year. He also played freshman golf and was in the Glee Club.

After four years of ROTC at Amherst, Jack was headed for flight school, but acceptance to dental school deferred him. He received a D.D.S. from the University of Maryland in 1959, followed by graduate training in orthodontics. Jack spent two years as a dental officer in Georgia and then opened a private practice in 1962, which he operated for the next 40 years.

Throughout his life, Jack was constantly involved with musical groups. He performed in more than 30 shows. He enjoyed reading historical biographies, traveling and playing the piano. He claims three holes-in-ones in his many years on the golf course.

Jack and Ann were married in 1958. Their three daughters lived near them in Baltimore’s suburbs.

Jack suffered a broken leg from a fall in their condo in spring 2022. During our conversations thereafter, he had a most positive attitude about making a complete recovery. Unfortunately, that was not to be. 1955’s class choregus died following a difficult breathing episode on Jan. 24, 2023.

Rob Sowersby ’55