Deceased November 3, 2017

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In Memory

When he came to Amherst, Lewis Carter Cuyler was known as “Kiko,” a nickname given at South Kent School after the cartoon character “Kiko the Kangaroo.” He joined Theta Delta Chi freshman year. In his autobiography, he wrote that he loved his years at Amherst. He became a member of the Amherst crew, continuing a sport which he had begun earlier and which became a stable part of his life for many years. As a senior, Kiko served as coach of the freshmen crew. The social scene was different from prep school, and his humor and gift for storytelling made him a welcome companion. His very presence lit up a room, and his singing capped a joyful evening.

Following two dreary years in the Army stationed in Germany, Kiko found his future in the newspaper business, a career that took him to Western Massachusetts and marriage to Jane Warren, whose brother was fellow Theta Delt Bill Warren ’55.

After a short detour working for the secretary of Amherst College, he joined the North Adams Transcript and moved with Jane and their two children to Williamstown, Mass. As time went on, Kiko became city editor of the paper.

On New Year’s Eve 1974, Kiko met Harriet Buechner, whom he married in 1975. Together they survived his sudden resignation from the Transcript when he declined to cut his staff in half. He began to enjoy rowing, skiing and freelancing. In 1999 they formed Berkshire Sculling Association, sold shells and competed in many regattas here and abroad. He wrote books and eventually returned to newspapering as the Berkshire Eagle business editor.

Always enthusiastic, Kiko worked hard, played hard and loved life. Unique and admirable, he was a wonderful friend.

Jan Farr ’55
David Mermelstein ’55