Deceased May 18, 2017

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In Memory

Bob came to college from Port Washington High School on Long Island and was almost immediately a true Amherst man. He played basketball and pledged Theta Delta Chi, to the great benefit of that fraternity and its members. He later became a rush chairman and recruited three following classes. During his Amherst years he traveled with his brothers on classic road trips to Florida and later to Colorado. After graduation, he served three years in the Air Force.

When his tour was over, Bob joined the staff of The New Yorker. They assigned him to travel the southern states and eventually to work out of Atlanta. He married Judy Neely, with whom he parented four children. They became a devoted Georgia family. In 1977, he switched to a career as a financial consultant, which continued until his semi-retirement.

In December 1991 Judy died of cancer—a sad and devastating blow. As life went on, Bob had the great good fortune to meet and marry Eve Foy, whom he described in our 50th reunion book as “a wonderful, beautiful and talented Southern lady.” They lived together for 21 years, which restored him to a good life. Eve described Eck as loving his dogs; bluegrass music; ragtop cars; Aspen, Colo.; and the beach. Bob and Eve attended our reunions as well as an annual get-together in New York City with Theta Delt brothers and their wives.

Bob was devoted to his church, children, grandchildren and community. The list of organizations and interests is almost endless. He loved and participated in many sports, particularly skiing, basketball, swimming and tennis, which he played up to the end of his life. In the Atlanta Journal-Constitution obituary, his life was called “extraordinary.” Indeed it was. And he will be a fond memory.

Jan Farr ’55